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Subudh Kumar Das

Experience - English Pronunciation and Spoken English Expert

Achievement - Resource Person of English, Excellence Teaching Award

Occupation - Teacher

From - Nagaon,Assam


Hi, guys !
I am Subudh Kumar Das from Assam. I am an English teacher. I am a Resource Person of English. As I have a heavy load of encouragement in my heart for you to offer you a lofty way of learning English, I can't but write the articles for you.
I have earned an experience of teaching for more than 20 years.
In April,2019 the book 'A Man Of Iron-Will, Modi' written by me has been published.
My emotion is to discuss with my friends on English which I will be cherishing till the last breath of my life. I can feel the problems of everyone while learning, writing or speaking and my heart is surged with the deep feeling of my friends.My strongest dedication is always in search of offering a special discussion with my friends on English.I chalk out a plan with a load of encouragement and enthusiasm to write the articles for the friends and in fine open my heart and upload. Only then, I become relaxed that my friends have found a way to know the important things of English.