Sound Or Voice? Hear Or Listen?

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On this fine day, I have taken a very interesting topic. Because, though we use some words repeatedly, we mistake them while using. Isn't it? Well, man can do everything. As I am your well-wisher, I am with you to enrich your English. To-day's topic is:

Sound Or Voice ? Hear Or Listen?

This topic will give you:

1. The difference between Sound And Voice.

2. The difference between Hear and Listen.


Be positive.

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Let's move on:

Sound Or Voice?

As Noun, 

Sound means, something that you can hear.

Let's see:

1. I heard the sound outside.

2. We heard the sound of footsteps outside.

3. I entered the room without making a sound.

4. She heard the sound of crying.

5. The man is getting older. So, he cannot hear the sound very well.

The difference between Sound And Voice

But, Voice means, the sound produced through our mouth.

Let's see:

1. She said something in a small voice.

2. Her voice was very low and so I could not hear well.

3. Your voice was very sweet while you were singing.

4. His voice shook with emotion.

5. He was in a good voice at the concert.

As Verb,

Sound means, to give impression/produce sounds/give warning

Let's see:

1. Her voice sounded strange.

2. His things sounded reasonable to all.

Voice means, to give opinion.

Let's see:

1. We voiced concern about the safety if our children.

2. We voiced concern about the danger.


The difference between Hear and Listen

As Verb,

Hear means,

To receive an information using our ears or be conscious of something using our ears.

Let's see:

1. They heard my voice and looked at me.

2. She heard a noise inside the room.

3. I cannot hear well.

4. He did not hear what I said.

5. I could hear everything he said.

But, Listen means,

To pay attention to somebody or something so than you can hear.

Let's see:

1. I was listening to music while he entered my room.

2. He was listening to the reasons at that time.

3. What kind of music are you listening to now?

4. Please listen to your friends.

5. Please listen, I need your help.


1. Sound means, something that you can hear, but Voice means, the sounds that are produced through our mouth.

2. Hear means, to receive an information using ears, but Listen means, to pay attention in order to hear.

Friends, this is the easiest way to understand the differences between these words.

Ultimate Solution

1. First, try to understand the meanings.

2. Then, try to understand the Use of these words.

3. Make different sentences with these words.

4. Use them in both spoken and written.

5. Practise well.

I hope , you have got everything clearly.

Don't forget to make the sentences with these words.

Read and practise:

Sound Or Voice? Hear Or Listen?

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