Short English Conversations With Simple Sentences

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Short English Conversations With Simple Sentences.


As a beginner, you should know these conversations:


Let's get started:

Tom: What's your name?

Jill: My name is Jill. And what's your name?

Tom: My name is Tom.


Tom: Hello!

Jill: Hello.

Tom: How are you?

Jill: I'm fine, thanks.How do you do?

Tom: I'm well. Thank you.


Tom: Where are you from?

John: I'm from Delhi.And you?

Tom: I'm from Assam.


Jack: Where do you live?

Jane: I live in Japan. And you?

Jack: I live in India.


Bon: What state are you from?

Jill: I'm from Assam. And you ?

Bon: I'm from Gujarat.


Shyam: Can you speak English fluently?

Ram: Yes, I can. And you?

Shyam: I can speak it a little.


Vidya: Are you here for the first time?

Rim: Yes, I've never been here before.


Ram: How long have you been here?

Dhan: For 10 days.

Ram: Do you like this place?

Dhan: Yeah, this is really a beautiful village. The young boys and girls are very friendly.


Jack: Can you tell me how to get this place?

Ram: Yes, go straight. Then, you will find an intersection of four roads and then turn left.

Jack: Thank you.

Ram: Thank you.


Jam: Would you like to live abroad?

Jack: Sorry, what do you mean?

Jam: Ok, would you like to live in an another country?

Jack: Yeah, I'd like to live in London.


Reema: What are you going to do tomorrow?

Seema: Well, I think I'm going to play tennis tomorrow. Because , I'll be free as it is Sunday.


Reena: Are you free tomorrow?

Seema: Let me think. My cousin is coming.

Reema: What about going to the park.

Seema: That would be great!


Hera: What is your plan for tomorrow?

Reena: I suppose, I'll go to the restaurant with my brother?

Hera: Can I join you?

Reena: Why not? Sure.


Tom: This dress is for you.

Tin: How beautiful! Can I try on this right now?

Tom: Sure.


Tom: Do you sometimes overwork?

Tin: I don't really like it. But, sometimes I have to do.



Tipin: Do you have a dog?

Ram: No, I have a cat. And you?

Tipin: Yes, I have a cute puppy.


Angel: How do you usually get to school? By bicycle or bus.

Ram: I get to school by bicycle. And you?

Angel: I get to school by bus.


Raani: How long does it take you to get to office?

Samir: It takes only half an hour.


Bon: Is your office far from home?

Faruk: No, it's near.


Dam: Would you like to have your own business?

Mini: Yes, I'd. But, I need to get some work experience first.


Moni: Do you have children?

Mon: Yes, I do. I've a daughter.

Moni: How old is she?

Mon: She is 10 years old.

Moni: What class is she in?

Mon: She is in class V.


Baby: Do you live with parents?

Bill: No, I live alone.


Jill: How long have you been working for the company?

Jack: For 2 years.

Jill: Do you like your job?

Jack: Yes, I do.


Tom: Who teaches you English?

Samir: Kate teaches.

Tom: How long have you been learning?

Samir: For 2 years.

Tom: Can you speak English fluently?

Samir: Yes, I can.


Ben: How many languages do you know?

Back: Three. I know Hindi, English and Assamese.


Raj: What's your hobby?

Ram: My hobby is reading. What do you do in your free time?

Raj: In my free time, I play carrom.


Ultimate Solution

1. Read these conversations.

2. Use the sentences in these sentences in your conversation depending on situations.


Raj: What did you do yesterday?

Taj: I played cricket. And you?

Raj: I played football.


Tina: How old are you?

Tin: I'm 20. And you?

Tina: I'm 20 too.

Tin: So, we are the same age.


Hiya: How old are you?

Tit: I'm 3 years older than you.

Hiya: You're 19, right?

Tit: Yeah.


Lima: Do you work or study?

Hima: I work.

Lima: Where do you work?

Hima: I work for an international company.

Lima: How long have you been working?

Hima: For 5 years.


Leena: What's your job?

Seema: I'm a teacher

Leena: What do you teach?

Seema: I teach English.


Some Simple Things

1. 'h' is silent in the words- what, when, which, where, white..


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