Only 3 Tips To Improve Your Pronunciation

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After a few days I am writing for you. First of all, we do know that pronunciation is like a backbone of a language, isn't it? But, why? Because,

1.Improper pronunciation cannot give a proper meaning. You will understand wrongly while listening an improper pronunciation.

2. When you will appear an interview, you will not be able to attain your goal for your improper pronunciation.

So, I am going to show you

Only 3 Tips To Improve Your Pronunciation.

Let's get started:

1. Involvement:


Because, it will help you to do something with effort. You will try continuously and the habit of doing will be formed . Then, you will get to know the new things, viz your knowledge will increase. The knowledge will be your only power. It will be the strongest weapon of you .

Gradually, you will be able to do everything very smoothly and effortlessly. One day, your success will welcome you.Proper Pronunciation will become a very interesting as well as an easy  thing for you.

Remember, involvement is the only key to the success of your pronunciation.

2. Discuss on Pronunciation with a linguist and study.


Because, the phonetician is the only person who will show the exact way to learn pronunciation. 


You should keep a steadfast relation to him so that you get to know the exact rules of pronunciation. He will be your well-wisher too, because you are keeping the relation to him. You should respect him. You should ask everything you do not know.

Apart from this, the phonetician is the right leader of you who will lead you the proper way to make the sounds. He is the only person who will make you feel the sweet taste of pronunciation. Whenever you will feel the sweet taste of pronunciation, you will get the depth of pronunciation. Then, you will be a good pronunciation maker. Your English will become so sweet that all will like to talk to you.

The most important thing is,

A good pronunciation maker gets different and big opportunities in life which will be a new ray of success. Life-wheel will move towards a certain and bright way.

Then, your mentality should be to study the rules of pronunciation and practise.

The more you read, the more you learn.

The more you learn, the more your pronunciation be better.

3. Talking and Listening:

You should follow two ways of talking.

One is, talking to your friends. Other is, talking to the native speakers.


As English is not your mother tongue, you cannot understand all the words of the native speakers. The pronunciation, R.P.(Received Pronunciation) is a heavy load of difficult rules of pronunciation, so only two or three percent popularity in the whole world know them or can make it.

So, first you should talk to your friends.

After becoming fluent in English with good pronunciation, talk to the native speakers.

If you start talking to the native speakers, what will happen?

●Your confidence will increase.

Your hesitation will dispelled.

●It will be  interesting for you.

But, listening to the conversation of the people of different parts will give you new information,viz you will get to know the different styles, skills, pronunciation of different people which will help you to understand the pronunciation of the native speakers.

Help Box

1. 'h' is silent in the words-

what, which, where, wheat, why, while, white...

2. Make the sounds of 's', 'sh' and 'ch' properly.

Very Important:

1. As it is an age of globalization as well as internet, we should know both British and American English.

2. In American English, 't' is 'd' softly, if 't' is between two Vowel sounds.


'water' becomes 'wader'

'city' becomes 'city'

Some Simple Things:

1. In British English, 'r' is pronounced only before vowel sounds, it is not made before consonant sounds or if it is at the final position of a word.

It is made at the final position of a word, if it is followed by a word which has a vowel sound at the beginning of it.

Example: far away.

This is about

Only 3 Tips To Improve your Pronunciation.

I am coming soon.

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