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But, what is the secret behind it? You can say, it is Phrasal Verb.

So, I have taken a very interesting topic. It is:

"Look" Phrasal Verb.

Then, let's move on:

1. Look into:

Meaning: to examine

●Let me look into the matter.

I shall look into the matter.

●I requested him to look into the problem.

2. Look on:

Meaning: to watch something without becoming involved/regard.

●My enemy simply looked on when I was attacked.

●I looked on his behaviour with content.

3.Look out:

Meaning: to watch out (to warn somebody to be careful)

●Look out! There's a scooter coming.

●Look out! There's a car coming closer.

●Look out! There's a scorpion crawling near you.

●Look out! There's a mad dog coming.

●Look out! There's a wild cat behind the tree. Don't go towards the tree.

4. Look after:

Meaning: to take care of/to be responsible for

●We looked after the child.

●When the parents of the boy passed away, we looked after him.

●When his brother died , he looked after his nephew.

●When my father was in hospital, they looked after him.

●They looked after my little daughter when I was ill last year.

●Don't worry about me, I will look after myself.

●Don't worry about your son, go to your office and I will look after him.

●I return from office at 2p.m. in order to look after my mother.

●She looked after his mother-in- law every day.

●Please look after yourself now as you are ill.

A small but an important part of

"Look" Phrasal Verb.


1. Make different sentences with them.

2. Use the sentences in both spoken and written.

3. When you find these Phrasal Verbs in sentences, pay attention to the use as well as the patterns of sentences.

Let's move on again:

5.Look over:

Meaning: to examine something to see how big, small, good, bad etc.

●I looked over the bicycle because I wanted to purchase for my son.

●He looked over the dress for 15 minutes in order to purchase it as he was going to present it to his friend.

●They looked over the house before they decided to buy it.

●They wanted to buy my car and so they looked over it.

●We looked over the bicycle before we bought it.

6.Look up and down:

Meaning: to look at somebody in a careful or critical way.

●When we stood in front of the office, the guard looked us up and down.

●The police looked me up and down when I entered the bank.

●We looked him up and down because he stole my watch .

●I looked her up and down as she entered my store room.

Important to know:


Parts Of Speech: Verb, Noun and Exclamation.

As Verb, it means-

1. to turn eyes in a particular direction.

●Look at the moon.

●Look at him. He is playing.

2. to try to find or search.

●His book was lost and he looked all around.

●If you look everywhere, you will find your book.

●I am looking for him. Where is he?

3. to pay attention.

●Look at the time! We will be late to go there.

●Look at the time! You must reach the place before 8 a.m.

Very Important To Know:

The difference between Look and Watch:

Look means,

To turn your eyes in a particular direction.

Watch means,

To look at somebody or something paying attention.

Let's see:

1. I am looking at him and smiled.

2. He is looking at the tree.

3. I am watching T.V. now.

4. Now, you should watch what I am going to do. Then you must try.

5. Look at this.

6. She looked at me and smiled.

7. Is he watching TV now.

8. I was watching TV while she was reading.

9. While I was playing, she was watching TV.

10. My father prohibited me to watch TV as my examination was getting closer.

As Noun it means-

An act of looking...

1. Please have a look at this.

2. A look passed between the boy and girl.

This is about:

"Look" Phrasal Verb.

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