Like, Likely, Yet, Already And Possibly

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It is about some words about which we are confused. May be, but I am going to show you the easiest way to use those words in a sentence. So, to-day's topic is:

Like, Likely, Yet, Already and Possibly

Feel that ,

You can, 

You understand and

You will be able.


You do know that man can do everything.

Be positive.

Think that you have to improve yourself.

Let's get started:

Like or Likely?


Parts Of Speech: Preposition, Verb, Conjunction, Noun, Adjective and Adverb.

As Preposition it means: similar to.

●I am very like my father.

●His dress is like mine.

●Do like this.

As Verb it means: to prefer to do something, to find somebody or something pleasant, attractive..

●Do you like her?

●I like to see you in a beautiful dress.

●I never like swimming.

●On Sundays, I like to sleep late.

●I like coffee.

As Conjunction, it means: in the same way as.

●They did everything like I did.

●No one could do like I did.

As Noun it means: the things that you like

●I wanted to know his likes and dislikes.

●We all have likes and dislikes.

As Adjective it means: having similar qualities

●I responded in like manner.

But, likely means?

Parts Of Speech: Adjective and Adverb

As Adjective it means: probable or expected.

●They say that tickets are likely to be expensive to-day.

●I am very happy that I shall see the most likely outcome.

As Adverb it means: very probably

●They will most likely see me tomorrow.

●I will most likely do it.

These meanings and examples will give you the clear concept of:

What is the difference between Like and Likely?

Next, Yet, Already and Possibly.

Let's move on:


Part Of Speech: Adverb and Conjunction.

As Adverb it means: from now until the period of time  mentioned that has passed / used in negative sentences.

●I will be very busy for many days yet.

●I have not done the work yet.

●She has not received a letter from me yet.

As Conjunction it means: despite what has just been said/nevertheless

●You have a good job and yet you are not satisfied with your job. Why?

●I thought the room was small, yet it was spacious.

The meaning of Already?


Parts Of Speech: Adverb

Meaning: before now.

●I have already finished my work.

●He has already eaten rice.

●We have already completed the tasks.

Very Important To Know:

It is about the difference of British and American English.

In British English, Already and Yet are used in Present Perfect Tense. But, in American English, they are used in Simple Past Tense.

Now, Possibly.


Parts Of Speech: Adverb

Meaning: perhaps.

Let's see:

1. You performed, but it was possibly worst.

2. I found it difficult to reach the place possibly because of my weakness.

Ultimate Solution

1. Know the proper use of Parts Of Speech.

2. Make sentences as possible.

3. Use them in both spoken and written.

Read and practise.

This is about:

Like, Likely, Already, Yet and Possibly.

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