Fish Or Fishy? Beside Or Besides? Famous Or Infamous?

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It's about Vocabulary, a very interesting and important topic only for you. The topic is:

Fish Or Fishy? Beside Or Besides? Famous Or Infamous?


On this fine day, this topic will give you:

1. The proper use of Vocabulary.

2. Fishy Meaning.

3. Famous Meaning.

4. Infamous Meaning.

5. The difference between Famous And Infamous.


Let's move on:

Fish Or Fishy?


Parts Of Speech: Noun and Verb.

Let's see:

As Noun 'fish' means: a cool-blooded animal that is limbless and vertebrate; it has gills and fins; it lives in water.


As Verb, it means to catch fish.

As Noun:

●We eat fish daily, but they eat it on Sundays.

●I love fish .

●My father bought a fish weighing 5 kg yesterday.

● I never eat fish but my brother eats it every day.

●Do you eat fish?

●We don't eat small fish.

●We eat big fish.

●This is the only fish which I want to eat.

●He eats fish daily.

As Verb:

●We were fishing while they were playing.

●We had been fishing for a long time.

●Do you know how to fish?

●They know how to fish.

●He doesn't know how to fish.

●They are fishing now.


But, Fishy means?

It is simple. It is very simple. The use of this word is very easy.

Let's move on:


Parts Of Speech: Adjective.

Meaning: seeming false, seeming dishonest..


Odd, suspicious, questionable, doubtful, dull and lifeless.

Let's see:

●There is something fishy. (Here, it means- there is something suspicion or odd or false which you have suspected. To express it, you have used this sentence)

●He gave a fishy look.( Fishy look means-dull and lifeless look)

●Be careful, there is something fishy.

● You may proceed, but want to say, there is something fishy.

●All the things looked fishy to me.

●I can't do do anything, because all the things looked fishy.

●Do this carefully, there's something fishy.

●When I wanted to do that, it looked fishy to me.



1.Seemingly, some words are same in spellings, but they mean differently.

2. So, you should know the actual meanings of them.

3. But, the Use is very important, so you should know the proper use of them.


Next, Beside Or Besides?

Let's move on:


Parts Of Speech: Preposition

Meaning: at the side of or next to

●'Sit beside him' I said to her.

●She felt hesitation and so, she didn't sit beside me.

● The little girl was standing beside the table.

● I put the box beside the bench.

● My book was on the table beside the box.

●He came and sat on the bench beside me.

●The school was built right beside the big tree.

●The temple was built right beside the river.

●He came and sat beside me and started to talk.

●Come and sit beside me.


But, Besides means what?

Let's move on:


Parts Of Speech: Preposition

Meaning: in addition to, also, apart from, even considering..

Let's see:

●Do you play any other sports besides tennis?

●He said, 'My son plays cricket and football besides tennis.'

●Besides eating fish, he ate meat on that day.

●Besides being a writer, he is a player.

●People say that she has many good qualities besides being beautiful.


Friends, this is the difference between Beside and Besides.


 Ultimate Solution:

1. Make sentences with these words.

2. Use those sentences in both spoken and written.


Next, Famous Or Infamous?

What is the difference between Famous and Infamous?

Let's move on:


Parts Of Speech: Adjective

Meaning: known by many people or recognised by many people.


But, Infamous means?

Parts Of Speech: Adjective.

Meaning: as same as the meaning of Famous.


But, what is the difference between Famous and Infamous?

Famous means - known by many people for one's good qualities or deeds.


But, Infamous means- known by many people for one's bad qualities or deeds.

Let's see:

●He is a famous writer.

●All respect the famous teacher.

●We love the famous singer.

●He is an infamous thief.

●All cursed the infamous murderer.

●We hate the infamous drunker.


Some Exceptional Things:

●an infamous crime.

●an infamous offense.


A famous man - the man is known for his good qualities.

An infamous man - the man is known for his bad qualities.


Incorrect: People hate the famous singer.

Correct: People love the famous singer.


Incorrect: We love the infamous killer.

Correct: We hate the infamous killer.


Synonyms Of "Infamous"







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