Clean Up, Clean Off, Clean Out And Clean Away

Hello, friends.

Are you confused about some Phrasal Verbs? May be, but if you find the easiest way to understand them , you will be clear in them. So, I have taken this topic which will make them clear to you.


The topic is:

Clean Up, Clean Off, Clean Out And Clean Away.


This topic will give you:

1. The meanings of them.

2. The use of them.

3. The examples.


Seemingly, they are same, but the meanings or usage? Is it same? No, never. It is different. So, I have taken this topic.


Be positive.

Never think that they are difficult. I am with you.

Think that you have to improve yourselves. And, study.


Let's get started:

1. Clean Up:

Meaning: to remove dirt , etc. from a place or to clean a place or a large area by removing dirt.

Let's see:

●The mayor is determined to clean up the city very soon.

●Can you clean up the yard, please?

●I am  cleaning up the  playground now, because the children are going to play.

●Please do clean up the playground, we will play tomorrow.

●All the young boys have cleaned up the town, because the Prime Minister is coming tomorrow.

●The workers cleaned up the field.

● Clean up the yard, because the guests will come today.

● Clean up the staircase right now, because my friends are coming over.

●We cleaned up the playground so that the kids can play happily.

●They cleaned up the field after the programme.


Friends, it is true that many of you are curious about the differences between Clean Off and Clean Out? Isn't it?

So, I can't but write this topic.


But, the meaning of Clean Off?

It is simple.

Let's move on:

Clean off:

Meaning: to remove something from something by rubbing or brushing, to clean the surface of something..

Let's see:

● You should have cleaned off the table before reading.

●Clean off the bench , because you are going going to sit on it and watch TV.

● The little boy cleaned the mud off his shoes.

● He cleaned off the desk and gave it to the children so that they can put their bags there.

●Having cleaned off the bench he sat on it and watched TV.

●We cleaned off our tables , because the children made them dirty.

●I was tired and so, the servant cleaned off the table.

●My father asked me to clean off his table.

●He himself cleaned off his shoes.

●He was so lazy that he ordered the servant to clean off his shoes.


The meaning of Clean Out?

It is very easy.

Let's move on:

Clean out:

Meaning: to clean the inside of something.

Let's see:

●My mother was ill and so, she asked me to clean out the bottle.

●Two hours have passed since I cleaned out the box.

●He cleaned out the drawer.

●The box has got dirty, so clean out it.

● We need to clean out the cupboard as it has got very dirty.

●Please clean out the car now as we are going to town.

●They clean out the car on every Sunday.

●He cleaned out all the boxes.

●I cleaned out my bags.

●He cleaned out the bottle.

●We cleaned out the tins.


But, Clean Away means?

It is also very simple.

Let's move on:

Clean away:

Meaning: to clean mess in a space.

Let's see:

●He cleaned away the floor so that the child can move freely.

●They clean the bits of papers away from the floor.

●The man spits on the floor and thereupon, I clean away it.


Ultimate Solution

1. He cleaned off the car.

(He cleaned the outside or surface of the car)

2. He cleaned out the car.

(He cleaned the inside of the car.)

3. He cleaned off the shoes.(He cleaned the outside or surface of the shoes.)

4. He cleaned out the shoes.(He cleaned the inside of the shoes.)


More Examples.

1. She cleaned out the box.(inside)

2. She cleaned off the box.(outside)


This is about Clean Up, Clean Off, Clean Out And Clean Away.


Friends, I hope that you have got the differences easily.


Read and practise.


I am coming soon.


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