70 Daily Used English Sentences With Conversation

 Hello, friends.

It is a topic which I have taken for the non-native speakers. I hope that you are curious about the sentences which you can use in everyday English. Isn't it?

So, I have taken this topic:

70 Daily Used English Sentences With Conversation.This topic will give you:

1. The very easy sentences.

2. The sentence which you can use in different situations.


Let's see:

1. By God's grace.

2. I'm sorry.

3. Yes, it is.

4. Oh, dear!

5. Don't forget.

6. Take it.

7. Be ready.

8. Don't tell anybody.

9. Is he coming?

10. Is he coming or not?


These are very simple sentences. You can use them without hesitation.



1. Communicate as possible.

2. Listen to conversation per day.


Now, the sentences which are a little longer:

11. What do you eat- milk or butter?

12. What do you want?

13. Could you do me a favour?

14. Are you married?

15. You should do.

16. You should not do like that.

17. Have you ever been to America?

18. I've eaten a lot.

19. If he comes, what shall I do?

20. How do you know?


How will you talk?

A simple way:

At The Stall

● Customer: What does the book cost?

●Shopkeeper: Rs. 100.


●Customer: Let me see.Would you lower the price a bit?

● Shopkeeper: Well, give me ten rupees less.


Let's get started again:

Using 'Where':

21. Where are you going?

22. Where is the post office?

23. Where do you work?

24. Where is the bank?

25. Where is the book?


Using 'Why?:

26. Why are you late?

27. Why are you crying?

28. Why are you doing so?

29. Why were you there?

30. Why did you do the work late?


Using 'When'

31. When's your exam?

32. When will you send the money?

33. When will you go there?

34. When are you going?

35. When will you meet me?

36. When were you come here?

37. When did they play?

38. When are you coming?

39. When will you give me the book?

40. When will the result be declared?


Using 'How':

41. How are you?

42. How did you solve the problem?

43. How will you do the work?

44. How are you doing the work now?

45. How will you write?


A Help:

A Conversation:

About the play:


●A: Would you go to play?

●B: Where?


●A: We would play at the playground near the school.

●B: Who are the others going to play?


●A: Jane, Jack and their friends.

●B: Alright.



Different Sentences:

46. He is going the limit.

47. You are complete free from danger.

48. I am in some difficulty.

49. I am curious about it.

50. Can you give me a pen?


Some Common Sentences

51. Anybody that you ask will say the same thing.

52. A language can't be learnt that way.

53. The sooner, the better.

54. It is as hard as iron.

55. The dress that you are wearing is lovely.

56. Let me see.

57. Let me see what is there.

58. Please give me a pen.

59. Please fill in the form.

60. Alas! the man has died.


Remember- Rome was not built in a day. So, try your best. Try again and again.

Everything is possible for you.Only make your will-power strong.


61. Can you swim?

62. Do you know how to do the work?

63. Which one do you want?

64. You are great.

65. He is very intelligent.

66.He is firm in his belief.

67. I know how to swim.

68. Have you met the one you are looking for.

69. We are brothers.

70. Unity is strength.


An Ultimate Solution

1. Talk to your friends per day.

2. Talk to your well-wishers if it is possible. Because, they will encourage you.

3. Listen to conversation per day.

4. Be positive.

5. Dispel your hesitation.

7. Think that you have to improve yourself.

8. Communicate more and more.

9. Read the books of Spoken English.

10. First, learn the simple things of pronunciation.


Friends, I have shown you the very easy and simple sentences.

As a beginner, they will be very helpful for you.


Nothing is impossible.

Try hard.

I hope very deeply that you will be able.


Where there is a will, there is a way.



To Invite For Birthday Party.

Over phone.


Neel: Hello, it's Neel.

Jane: Hello, Neel. How are you?


Neel: I'm fine. My birthday falls on Sunday. So, I have called up to invite you for my birthday party.

Jane: Wow! Sure, I'll go.


Neel: Bye.

Jane: Bye.


Guidelines for Better English of A Beginner.

1. Use simple words.

2. Use simple sentences.

3. Use short sentences.

4. After a few days, use the long sentences.

5. Use the sentences that contain 'if', 'but', ' though'.....

Read and practise.

This is about '70 Daily Used English Sentences With Conversation.'


I am coming soon.

Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website.