Naked Or Bare? Somebody Or Someone?

It is about an important part of Vocabulary.

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Naked Or Bare? Somebody Or Someone?



1. The difference between Naked And Bare.

2. The difference between Somebody And Someone.

3. Naked Meaning.

4. Bare Meaning.

5. The examples.

The usage of these words.

6. An Ultimate Solution.

7. Motivation.


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Let's get started:

Naked Or Bare?


Parts Of Speech: Adjective and Adverb.


Parts Of Speech: Adjective, Adverb and Verb.


The meanings:

Naked: not wearing clothes, not covered by clothes or having no usual covering.

Let's see:

1. The man saw a naked child in the market yesterday.

2. His body was naked while I met him.

3. All the children were naked.

4. We saw a naked hillside last year.

5. The little boy is lying naked on the bed.

6. The little girl was lying naked on the mat when I entered the room.

7. Though it was very cold, he was lying naked there.

8. I was not lying naked as it was cold.

9. The children laughed at the boy, because he were dancing naked.

10. He was never naked.


Friends, we should know the exceptional things as well after knowing the usual ones. Isn't it?

 Let's see:


Feeling or quality is hidden

●It is my naked greed.


But, the meaning of Bare?

Bare - not covered a part of the body.

Let's see:

1. He bared his chest.

2. He walked on barefooted.

3. The boy was bare the waist up.

4. He never walks on barefooted.

5. My brother bared his left hand and showed the pox to the doctor.

6. The dog growled and bared its teeth at me.

7. Don't bare your teeth now.

8. Can you bare your left leg?

9. She bared her toes.

10. We bared our heads.

11. Don't bare your chest, it is too cold.

12. Don't bare your head now.


The other meanings of Bare are:

without usual contents, unconcealed..


'Bare of' means 'devoid of'

The common difference between Naked And Bare is:

Naked means to uncover the whole body but Bare means to uncover a part of the body.


But, the meanings of Barely?


Parts Of Speech: Adverb.

Meaning: only just, almost not, by the smallest amount, hardly...

Let's see:

1. He was barely 10 when won the game.

2. I was barely 11 when was conferred the award.

3. We spoke barely for 10 minutes.


The Antonyms of Barely are:

considerably, significantly, vastly, well..


Read and practise.

Now, Somebody Or Someone?


Parts Of Speech: Pronoun.


Parts Of Speech: Pronoun.


The difference between Somebody and Someone is:

Though they mean same, the use of them is different.

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Let's move on:

What is the difference?

It is -

1. 'Somebody' is a little less formal than 'someone'.

2. 'Somebody' is more common in speaking but 'someone' is more common in writing.

Let's see:

1. He says, 'Somebody will help me.'

2. He wrote in the answer, 'Someone has ability to do the work.'


Very Important:

'Someone' means a specific person, but 'Somebody' means a general person whom we don't know.

Let's see:

1. I know someone who speaks English fluently.

2. I know someone who can do this well.

3. He knew someone who gave the lessons of business.

6. Somebody was waiting for me then.

7. Somebody will obviously make the mistake.

8. Someone will help if seek it, because all love me.

9. Somebody may do it, but you should prepare yourself for it.

10. Someone will teach us English and so, we have arrived here.

11.Whenever he seeks help, someone helps him.

12. Somebody was standing there at that moment.


An Ultimate Solution:

1. Make 5 sentences with each word and show them to the teachers of the English department.

2. Then, use those words in both written and spoken.



1. Man can do everything.

2. Be positive.

3. Never retreat.

4. Practice makes perfect.

5. I have to improve myself.

6. Use these words while speaking to your friends.


This is about:

Naked Or Bare? Somebody Or Someone?


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Read and practise.

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