Everyday Spoken English Sentences

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1. Important English Sentences For Daily Use.

2. The Words We Use In Fluent English in daily life.

3. Frequently used questions.


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Important English Sentences For Daily Use With The words We Use In Fluent English for daily use:


●Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a bit late.

● Pardon.

● Pardon please.

● Please, do me a favour.

● I beg your pardon.

● Believe me.

● Call me back.

● Give me a hand.

● Go on a diet.

● I'm on a diet.

● I have no idea.

● Absolutely not.

● I don't mean it.

● I mean.

● Well done.

● Well done, dear.

● It's all yours.

● It's upto God.

● That's so kind of you.

● Rest assured.

● Doesn't matter.

● It doesn't matter.


Fluent English Sentences In Different Situations.

How to use?

Suppose, you have made a mistake which you should not have made. It may hurt someone you think. Then, you can use:

1. Sorry

2. I'm sorry.

3. I'm very sorry.

4. I'm so sorry.

5. It's my mistake.

Suppose, you're talking to your friend. You cannot understand something he or she says. You want him or her repeat. Then, say:

1. Pardon.

2. Pardon, please.(politely)

Suppose, your teacher is teaching you. You cannot understand. You want to understand and so, you want him or her teach again. Then, say:

1. Please, explain.

2. Please, explain again.


Important to know:

1. A good speaker may not be a fast speaker.

2. A good speaker speaks confidently.

3. A good speaker speaks smoothly.

4. A good speaker speaks without stopping.

5. In other words, a good speaker speaks fluently.


Exclamatory Sentences In Fluent English

1. Wonderful!

2. How wonderful!

3. Oh, God!

4. How fool I am!

5. How interesting!

6. You lazy girl?

7. How disgraceful!

8. Touch wood!

9. How dare you!

10. Watch out!


Tips To Be Fluent With These Words:

1. Talk to your friend per day using these words.

2. Listen to conversation per day.



1. Hesitation.

2. Negative sense.

3. I can't.



1. As a beginner, don't speak fast.

2. Don't take your mistakes over seriously.

3. Never compare with the native speakers, because you are a beginner and English is not your mother tongue.



Let's get started again:

Suppose, you don't want to do anything or you don't feel like doing it. Then, how will express?

It's simple.

Let's see:

1. I don't feel like eating anything.

2. I don't feel like doing anything.


Now, the Interrogative Sentences in Fluent English for daily use.

Let's see:

1. Could you do me a favour?

2. Can you do me a favour, please?

3. What are you doing?

4. What game do you like most?

5. Am I audible?


Suppose, you are at a train station. You have big and heavy bag which you cannot lift. A man is standing nearby. You need help from him. Then, say:

1. Please, give me a hand.

"Please, give me a hand." means - "Please, help me."


Suppose, you have helped your friend. He has said,'Thank you.' Then , say:

1. Pleasure.

2. It's my pleasure.

3. This is what a friend does.


Suppose, at your office you have helped your boss in doing something. Then, say:

1.I'm glad to be of assistance.

2. Don't mention it.


More Everyday Spoken English Interrogative Sentences:

1.How are you?

2. What's new?

3. What's up?

4. How do you do?

5. How can I help you?

6. Can you recognize me?

7. What about you?

8. When's your exam?

9. How have you got here?

10. How do you go to school?

11. Where do you live?

12. Where are you from?

13. Are you going?

14. Can you speak English?

15. Can you speak English fluently?

16. Have you ever been to America?

17. Have you heard it?

18. Are you curious about it?

19. Can you lend me a book?

20. When have you arrived?

21. What's the time?

22. What's the time by your watch?

23. Do you love me?

24. Do you know that man?

25. Do you play football?

26. What's your job?

27. What job do you do?

28. What's new?

29. What are you to him?

30. Why are you crying?

31. Do you help your father while he labours?

32. Do you abide by your parents?


The Everyday Spoken English Sentences About Hobby:

1. What's your hobby?

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

3. What do you love to do in your free time?

As Answer:

1. My hobby is...

2. I like to play...

2. I love to read..

3. In my free time, I like to swim.


Everyday Spoken English Sentences In Wishing


1. May your life be colorful like the Holi.

2. May this Holi carry the colourful moments to your life.

3. May Holi make your life very colourful.

4. May Holi make your life as colourful as it.

5. May Holi carry a lot of blessings so that your life becomes colourful.


On Janmastami:

1. May Lord Krishna bless you more and more.

2. May Lord Krishna keep your family in peace.

3. May Janmastami bring a lot of blessings from the Almighty.

4. May Lord Krishna bless you a lot.

5. May Lord Krishna shower a lot of blessings.


Friends, I think deeply that you have ability. Only you should be positive.


Where there is a will, there is a way.


The small things about Pronunciation:

1. The letter 'h' is silent in the words such as:

what, where, why, when, while, white, which...

2. Use the contractions such as:

I'm, he's, she's, you're, you've...


Never feel:

1. It's difficult.


1. I can.

2. I will.

3. I will be able.

4. I have to improve myself.

5. Man can do everything.



This is about Everyday Spoken English Sentences.

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