Alternatives Of You're Welcome

It's about 15 Ways To Say You're Welcome.

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It is true that your words have a great impact which helps you to communicate effectively.

As I am your well-wisher, I cannot but enrich your words. For the purpose of enriching your words with a lot of encouragement, I am writing the articles for you. To-day I have taken a very interesting topic to you . It is:

Alternatives Of You're Welcome.


Let's get started:

A Simple Way

1. It's my pleasure.

2. The pleasure is all mine.

3. Thanks for your help.

How to use?

It is polite way to say.

But, when?

Suppose, you have helped someone. He or she has said,'Thank you'.

Then, you should use these three sentences.



1.In order to communicate effectively, your response should be with a proper use of words

2. It is also true, you have to use your words depending on the situations.


4. Glad to help.

It is an effective as well as efficient way to show your  response.

When you help someone, he or she says,'Thank you.' Then, if you say,'You're welcome' , it cannot show the proper use of words or an efficient way to show your response.

So, you should say,'Glad to help.'


In A Professional Setting or At Your Workplace.

5. I am happy to be of assistance

How to use?

Suppose, at your workplace you have done something well which impresses your boss. Then, your boss has said,'Thank you'.

Then, you should say, 'I am glad to be assistance of you.'

It is a polite way.


It Is Real:

1. Your words have an impact.

2. You know Vocabulary.

But, you may not know how to use your Vocabulary. So, I hope that this article will be fruitful for you.


6.That's what good colleagues do.

It is a polite way.

But, it is a different way.

Now, how to use?

At your workplace, suppose you help your colleague(not your boss),  he or she says-Thank you.

Then, you should say - That's what good colleagues do.

It is a simple way, but a polite and effective way.

So, undoubtedly you can use it.


7. I'm glad that you're satisfied.

It is an effective way.

It is a polite way as well.

But, how to use?

It is used to respond your boss when he or she says-Thank you, while you do something well.



8. Oh, stop it, you!

It is used to respond -'thank you' which shows an attitude of modesty.


How To Respond Your Friends Or Family

9. It is a formal way.

How to use ?

You have helped him or her.

He or she says-'Thank you', then say this.

It lightens up your mood or attitude.

It means , it is not a big deal that you have assisted.


10. Don't mention it.

It is used at tough times in life.

At critical situation or tough times, you have helped your friend, then say this when your friend says-'Thank you.'



11. Don't worry about it.

It is a very effective way.

It is used to show that you don't find any trouble.

It is a friendly way.

It is used in a Relaxed way.


12. Anytime!

It is a Relaxed way.

It is an informal way.

It expresses that your friends can seek your help at any time without having any hesitation or feeling bad.


After Sending A Gift

13. I hope you enjoy it.

It is a simple way.

But, it shows that you and your friend are equally happy.

Saying so, you want your friend to enjoy the gift.


14. It's just a token of appreciation.

You should say this so that you let them to know that you cherish or give value to your friends.


15. I'm glad that you've liked it.

It is used, because you know that your friend has enjoyed the gift. You are also sure that your friend likes the gift.


Another Ways

1. You deserve it.

2. It made me think of you.


It is important to know that your behaviour shows your personality. This secret lies in the proper use of words. Isn't it?


However it is, I hope you have found a bright line to respond your friends through these alternatives.


Well, this about Alternatives Of You're Welcome.

I'm coming soon.


Read and try to use them.

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