Alter Or Altar? Altogether Or All Together? Everyday Or Every Day?

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Alter Or Altar? Altogether Or All Together? Everyday Or Every Day?


1. The meanings of Alter and Altar.

2. The meanings of Altogether and All Together.

3. The meanings of Everyday and Every Day.

4. The usage of Alter and Altar.

5. The usage of Altogether, All Together, Everyday and Every Day.

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Let's move on:

Alter Or Altar?


Parts Of Speech: Verb

Meaning: To become or make different or to change something or to make changes to a piece of clothing .

Let's see:

1. Prices altered significantly during 2020.

2. The man altered so much that I scarcely recognized him.

3. Nothing could alter the way I felt.

4. I tried hard to alter the fact .

5. I was very difficult to alter the way I thought about it.

6. My son altered the way I felt.

7. I took the shirt back to the shop to have it altered.

8. We tried our best to alter our plans.

9. He altered his lifestyle after getting the job.

10. I cannot alter my old lifestyle.



Parts Of Speech: Noun

Meaning: a structure or a type of table used in ceremonies in religious temples or buildings.

Let's see:

1.The alter of the temple was very high.

2. The devotees who visited the temple praised the alter highly.

3. The priest told the wright to build a high and attractive alter for the temple.

4. The carpenter made the alter of wood which all the devotees praised.

5. The alter of the church was very high as well as sturdy.


Altogether Or All Together?


Parts Of Speech: Adverb

Meaning: in every way, completely or a total number or amount.


It is used to emphasize something.

Let's see:

1. The bus went slower and slower untill it stopped altogether.

2. He took a hasty decision and so I was not altogether happy about it.

3. I am not altogether happy with this result.

4. He gave him seven dollars altogether.

5. We don't altogether agree with you.


But, what is the difference between Altogether and All Together?

Altogether means 'in total' or 'completely', but All Together means 'all in one place' or 'all at once'.

Let's see:

1. I invited 60 people altogether. (here, it means- in total)

2. You were not altogether convinced with my argument. (here, it means- completely)

3. You should keep your books all together in the box.

4. Let's sing. All together now!

5. I put the pens all together in the box.


Everyday Or Every day?

What is the difference between Everyday and Every Day?

Let's get started:


Parts Of Speech: Adjective

Meaning: happening every day or daily.

Let's see:

1. My everyday life is very simple.

2. He never wants to do his everyday chores.

3.Death was an everyday occurrence during the war.


The other meanings of Everyday / The Synonyms of Everyday:

Usual, common, day-to-day, typical..

●In the course of my everyday life, I had little contact with my friends.

●This the only opportunity for you to keep yourself fit in your everyday routine.


But, Every Day means?

Parts Of Speech: Adverb

Meaning: each day or daily.

Let's see:

1. I read English every day.

2. I talk to him in English every day.

3. My father suggested me to speak English every day.

4. I get up at 5 every day.

5. We take exercise every day.

Important to know:

We use Every day to describe something which happens regularly as the basic part of life that is not specially interesting or unusual.


Ultimate Solution

1. Make 5 sentences with each word and show them to the teachers of English department.

2. Use the sentences while speaking and writing.


This is about:

Alter Or Altar? Altogether Or All Together? Every day Or Every Day?


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