Spoken English For Various Places

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Spoken English For Various Places.

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Spoken English For Various Places.

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1.Telephone skills:

Jill - Hello!

Jack - Hello, Jack here. Is that Jill?

Jill - Yes, Jill.

Jack- Jill, could I speak to your father?

Jill - In that case, will you take a message for him?

Jack- Sure.

Jill - Can you tell him that I am going to visit him at 3.30 p.m.

Jack- Oh, how nice ! I'll tell Dad.

Jill - Thank you, Jack. Bye.

Jack- Bye, Jill.


2. A Tour

At The Booking Counter

Raj - Good morning, sir.

Clerk- Good morning, how can I help you?

Raj - Three of us friends are going on a tour to a few places in South India.

Clerk - I see. Where are you going?

Raj - First to Hyderabad. Then to Chennai. Then back to Guwahati.

Clerk- When do you propose to start?

Raj - In the 1st of the next month.

Clerk- Now, give me your travel plans.

Raj - Sure sir. We will travel by three tier A/C.

Clerk- Let me see which trains will be suitable for you.

Raj - We would like the tickets in the trains that are good and fast.

Clerk- Sure, that can be arranged.

Raj - No problem,sir.


3. A Morning Walk

(Suppose, you come across a friendly looking gentleman, you slow down your pace to greet him; now you strike up a conversation)

You - Hello! Good morning uncle.

Gentleman- Good morning, dear.

You- You look quite new here.

Gentleman- That's right. I arrived here yesterday.

You- Oh! I happen to know almost everyone in this area who takes morning walk.

Gentleman- You're a regular morning Walker, aren't you ?

You- Yes, uncle. By the way where are you from?

Gentleman- From Chennai. Our daughter and son-in-law live here. I have come to see them. You are a student?

You- Yes, I'm. I'm in class xii.

Gentleman- Nice, what's your plan?

You- I'd like to do business.

Gentleman- You're in commerce stream.

You- Yes, uncle.

Gentleman- Any way, my best wishes for your success in your life.

You - Thank you, uncle.

Gentleman- Thanks to you.


4. At Interview

(A Simple Way)

Candidate- May I come in, sir?

Officer - Yes, come in.

Candidate- Good morning, sir.

Officer- Good morning. Please sit down.

Candidate- Thank you, sir.

Officer- Your name?

Candidate- My name is..

Officer- What post have you applied for?

Candidate- I've applied for the post of an assistant teacher.

Officer - Your combination?

Candidate- Assamese, English, History and Geography.

Officer- What class did you get in Degree?

Candidate- 1st class, sir.

Officer- You've brought your necessary documents with you?

Candidate- Yes, sir.

Officer- Bring them out.

Candidate- Here it is, sir.

Officer- Ok, you may go now.

Candidate- Thank you.


5.Shopping With A Friend

Rantu- Hi, Gopal. I'm going to Vishal Market for shopping. Would you like to accompany me?

Gopal- Sure, I'd, Rantu. What time will you go?

Rantu- At 10. I'll pick you up. Be ready on time.

Gopal- Bye.


6. At Home Between Son And Father

(Request For Money)

Son - Dad, please give me 1000 rupees.

Father - 1000! What for?

Son - For admission fees.

Father - But, yesterday you told me it was only 600.

Son - Yes, you're right.

Father- Then, why are you demanding 400 more.

Son -  I've to buy a book, Dad.

Father- Alright, I'm giving.

Son - Thank you.

Father- Thank you.



As Stevie Wonder says, 'We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.'

So, I believe that you have ability. Try to use it. You will succeed.


7. Appointment At A Beauty Parlour.

Radha- Hello, is Devee Beauty Parlour?

Parlour- Yes, madam.

Radha- I want to have a facial and hair cut. Can you give me an appointment?

Parlour- Yes, you can come at 4

Radha- Ok, but please see to it that I don't have to wait.

Parlour- Ok, madam. Bye.

Radha- Bye.


8. At Tea Stall

Customer- A cup of tea, please.

Hotel boy- Anymore with tea, sir?

Customer- What are those you have?

Hotel boy- Sweets, kachuri, kalakan etc.

Customer- Kachuri? Is it straight from oven?

Hotel boy- O, yes. It is.

Customer- Give me one, please.


9. At The Post Office

John - Excuse me? Do you have envelopes?

Postmaster- Yes, I've.

John - What's the cost of 5 ?

Postmaster- It's 10 rupees.

John - Please ,give me 5.

Postmaster- Here are.

John - May I get stamps?

Postmaster- Sorry, it is out of stock.

John - Ok, thank you.


10. At The Stall

Bon- Excuse me! What does the pencil box cost?

Shopkeeper- Rs. 100.

Bon- Is there any box that costs less?

Shopkeeper- Yes.

Bon- Let me see. I'll take the first one. Would you lower the price a bit?

Shopkeeper- Well, give me 20 rupees less.

Bon- Ok, I'm giving. Here it is.

Shopkeeper- Please take it.


An Ultimate Solution

1. Talk to people per day.

2. Listen to conversation as much as possible.

3. Don't take your mistakes over seriously.

4. Be confident.

5. Be positive.


This is about Spoken English For Various Places.

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