Rite Or Right? Write Or Wright? Night Or Knight?

 Hello, friends.

I am happy that you have a strong desire to know about something in detail. I am sure that you have a good impact of your words, viz you have knowledge of Vocabulary.


As I am your well-wisher, I am always with you to show the easiest way to use your words properly. To-day, I have taken a very interesting topic for you. It is:

Rite Or Right? Write Or Wright? Night Or Knight?


May be, you make mistakes while you use these words. But, remember:

1. To err is human.

2. Don't take your mistakes over seriously.

3. You should think that you have to improve yourself.

4. Involve in it completely.

5. Practice makes perfect.



1. Man can do everything.

2. You can do all.

3. You are positive.

4. You can achieve.

5. You are confident of yourself.


Let's move on:

1. Rite Or Right?


Parts Of Speech: Noun

Meaning: a religious ceremony performed by a particular group of people, a social custom or a traditional ceremony carried out by a particular group of people.

Let's see:

1. Two thousand people came to the funeral rite.

2. I went to the rite of baptism.


Parts Of Speech: Adjective, Noun and Adverb.


As Adjective: true, correct, morally good, not left, correct for a particular situation, suitable, appropriate..

Let's see:

1. What's the right time?

2. Are you quite right to criticise me?

3. Try to do the right thing.

4. Yes, that's right.

5. Yes, you're right.

6. Show me the right way to the room.

7. I am over the moon that your success is at the right time.

8. Keep on the right side of the road.

9. I took a right turn at the intersection.

10. Take a right turn.

11. He is the right man for the work.

12. I know the right answer.

As Noun: authority, not left side, something morally good..

Let's see:

1.  All rights reserved.

2. Turn right.

3. Try to understand the difference between right and wrong.

4. It was difficult for me to establish the rights.

5. I sat on her right.



'Right' is used as Verb as well.

Let's see:

1. At last, the plane righted itself.

2. Write Or Wright?


Parts Of Speech: Verb.

Meaning: to make letters or numbers on a surface(paper) using a pen or pencil.

Let's see:

1. He writing a story now.

2. The students are writing the answers in English.

3. We can write Hindi.


Parts Of Speech: Noun

Meaning: a person who creates, builds or makes things or constructive worker

Let's see:

1. He is a renowned playwright.

2. They are shipwrights.


Friends, be positive.

Then , study.

After study, practise.

After practice, try to take blistering paces in the vast firmament of knowledge.

It is sure that you will be very powerful in Vocabulary.


3. Night Or Knight?


Parts Of Speech: Noun.

Meaning: the time or period from sunset to sunrise or the part of every 24-hour period when it is dark.

Let's see:

1. It gets very cold at night.

2. I spent the night sleeplessly.

3. I took the night bus.

4. The accident took place at night.

5. He lays awake all night.


Parts Of Speech: Noun and Verb.

As Noun:

Meaning: a man given a rank or honour by the British king or queen for achievements.

Let's see:

1. He hoped to be a knight for the great work.

As Verb.

Meaning: to give someone the honour of Knight.

Let's see:

1. The man was knighted for his achievement.


Now, I hope that this article has dispelled your confusion.


An Ultimate Solution:

1. Make sentences with these words and show them to the teachers of English department.

2. Try to understand the Use of these words in a sentence.

3. When you find these words in a sentence, try to find the Parts Of Speech of them.


Study and practise.

I hope very deeply that you will be able.

Nothing is impossible for you.


I am coming soon.

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