Only 5 Tips To Improve Handwriting

Hello, pupils.

How are you?

I'm fine. Hope that you're also well.

To-day, I have taken an interesting topic to you.

It is- Only 5 Tips To Improve Handwriting.


I am very happy that you try your best to improve your handwriting. It is really praise-worthy. Because, you are trying so that your handwriting should not be illegible for all. In other words,if your handwriting is bad, it will become illegible. Then, what will happen? Your teachers will find difficult to read.


If your handwriting is  illegible, your friends will find difficult to read. Your parents will also find it difficult. After all, all will find it difficult.


But, you try hard to improve your handwriting. It is really positive. As your well-wisher, I am ready to help you. So, I have taken this topic.


Well, let's get started:

Pupils, first of all, what is handwriting?

Handwriting is a writing that is done with a pen or pencil.

Now, you have got it.

Next, you should know the tips to improve your handwriting.

Only 5 Tips To Improve Handwriting:

1. You need a nice pen or pencil:


As you do know that handwriting is done by a pen or pencil, it is the only tool which will help you to write. If the tool works well, it will be convenience for you to write well. While writing with a pen or pencil of good quality, you will not find problems.

 So, your pen or pencil should have the quality - smooth writing.


2. You need a paper of good quality:



- Your pen or pencil is your first tool to write. This is the strongest tool.

- But, the second strongest tool is your paper.

So, your paper should have the good quality.


Important to know:

Both the tools(pen and paper) are the only supports which will help you to proceed.


3. You should have a positive mentality:


You do know , where there is a will there is a way.

So, you should start with the feeling of success.



Everything is possible for man. Only you should have a strong will-power.


4. Start with some shapes before writing the letters:


There are different shapes in the letters. If you try to draw different shapes like straight lines, slant lines, horizontal lines etc. it will be very easy for you to write letters.


5. You need to practise:


Pupils, a skyscraper cannot be built in one day. It takes many days. Similarly, you may not be succeed in one day. But, you should not give up. Try again and again.



- Practice makes man perfect.

- Try to know the proper shapes of the letters.

- Take the help of your parents or teachers.

- After knowing the shapes, write again and again.

- Then, try to find your mistakes yourselves.

- Then , write again.


Pupils, I hope, if you follow these 5 tips , you will be successful.


Ultimate Solution:

1. Don't take your mistakes over seriously.

2. You should think that you have to improve yourself.

3. Discover the ways to improve yourself.

4. Remember that every problem has a solution.

5. Go ahead only.


This is about Only 5 Tips To Improve Handwriting.


Be positive.

I am with you.

I am coming soon.


Thank you for being a valuable reader of our website.