Effect Or Affect ? Ensure Or Insure?

It's about Vocabulary. It's about the words- Effect, Affect, Ensure, Insure..

Hello, friends.

It is an exciting day. I am going to say an important thing to you.

You do know, the secret of enriching your thinking and increasing your self-assurance in speaking and writing lies in Vocabulary. So, to know the proper use of the words is very important.

So, Effect Or Affect?

Ensure Or Insure?

Let's move on?

Effect- it is used most commonly as Noun.

But, 'affect' is used most commonly as Verb.

Well, what do these two words mean?

Effect- it means a result or a change.

Let's see:

1. I could not feel the effects of the repeated actions done by me on that day.

2. You should try to know the beneficial effects of exercise.

3. He felt the effects of too many late nights.

4. Don't do like that otherwise it will show an adverse effect.

5. The bad effects of his work will create problems for all.


But, 'affect' means, to produce a change or to cause or to show a result.

Let's see:

1. You are very strict, but it cannot affect my activities.

2. You should remember that your opinion cannot affect my decision.

3. The cream affected my skin badly.

4. My enmity cannot affect his life.

5. Don't worry, because these changes will never affect us.



Effect is used as a Verb as well.

It means- to make something happen.

Let's see:

1. The medicine which you are taking will effect a cure.

2. Your exercise will effect a recovery.

3. I told you that the medicine would effect a fast relief.

4. Use this medicine, it will effect an instant recovery.

5. The medicine prescribed by the doctor will effect a cure.


Important to know:

1. Your words are a very powerful means of expressing your ideas and thoughts

2. You do know, how successful you are in using words effectively will affect your communication skills.

3. Using words meas using the right words in the right context and getting the desired and fruitful result.

4. If you want to express your ideas and thoughts clearly, you need a good and appropriate Vocabulary.

5. Increasing Vocabulary helps one to use the words properly and intelligently too.

6. With the knowledge of the relationship between the words , you will be able to systematize as well as organise your thoughts and ideas in a better way.

7. Read good books, listen to the conversations of well-known personalities. It will helpful for you.


Well, let's come to the point:

Ensure Or Insure:

It's simple.

Let's move on:

Ensure - it is a Verb.

It means to make sure that something is definite.

Let's see:

1. Study hard, it will ensure your your success in your exam.

2. Practise daily, it will ensure your achievement.

3. Go ahead and work hard, it will ensure your success.

4. If you work hard, it will ensure your success in life.

5. If you can do this, it will ensure your achievement.


But, 'insure' means?

Insure- it is used as a Verb.

It means to protect yourself from risk by paying.

Let's see:

1. The house is insured for two crores.

2. All their household goods are insured against accidental damage.

3. The company will insure all the old drivers.

4. Are you insured by the company?

5. I was insured by the company.



1. Vocabulary gives one the knowledge of the proper use of words.

2. You will get to know the relationship as well as difference between words.

3. Through Vocabulary, you will be able to use the words properly in different situations.


This is about Effect Or Affect? Ensure Or Insure?


Read and practise.

Be positive.

I am coming soon.

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