Cite Or Site? Site Or Sight? Might Or Mite?

Hello, friends.
I am happy that you are curious about some particular words. It will show the best to you to know many things. So, as your well-wisher I have taken an interesting topic for you which will show you the best way to be clear in the meanings of some particular words. The topic is : Cite Or Site? Site Or Sight? Might Or Mite?

Why will you read this topic?
1. You will get to know the meanings of those words.
2. You will get to know the proper use of them.
3. You will find the best way to use the words in both spoken and written.

The most important thing is:
1. One should be positive.
2. One should be curious about something.
3. One should have perseverance.
4. One should be practical.
5. One should always try his/her best.

Well, Let's move on:
1. Cite-
Parts of Speech: Verb
Meaning: to mention as a reason or example or to speak or write the exact words from a  book or something or to refer as evidence.
Let's see:
1. He cited many reasons why he had to get into debt.
2. The scientist cited 3 reasons to invent the new device.
3. He cited the experiment as the main support.
4. You cited too many reasons that I could not speak a single word.
5. Try to cite the main reasons why you did so.

2. Site :
Parts Of Speech :  both Noun and Verb.
Meaning : 
As Noun : a place or an area of ground where something is, was or will be built.
Let's see :
1. We told you that we had been planning to develop the whole site into a shopping complex.
2. You do know that twenty houses have been built on the periphery of the factory site.
3. Many huts have been built on the periphery of the temple.
4. The temple is now a historic site.
5. He chose a large site for the tent.
As Verb : to build or place something in a particular position or to exist or be built in a particular place.
Let's see :
1. Their building is magnificently sited high up on the hill.
2. The company's head office is sited in Delhi.

Friends, try hard to understand. Then make sentences with these words yourselves.

3. Sight :
Parts Of Speech : Noun
Meaning : the ability to see or the act of seeing, the area in which somebody can see or something can be seen.
Let's see : 
1. I have been suffering from such a disease that affected my sight.
2. This is the first sight of the beautiful land for us.
3. He caught sight of a car near the tree.
4. I never let my daughter out of my sight.
5. The snake disappeared from sight in the jungle.

Important to know:
Patterns and Collocation-
1. Out of sight.
2. Within sight.
3. In sight.
4. In full sight.
5. To come into sight.

Let's get started again:
Might or Mite?

1. Might :
Parts Of Speech : Both Model Verb Noun.
The use of Might as Verb :
1. The past form of May.
- He said that he might do that.
2. To show that something was possible.
- He might get there in time.
3. To make polite suggest.
- You might help him, because he is helpless now.

Exceptional :
'might' is used as Noun as well.
As Noun 'might' means :
Power, energy or great strength.
Let's see:
1. They pushed the truck with  all  their strength.
2. Might is right.
Important :
The Adjective form of 'might' is 'mighty'.
It means: very strong and powerful.
Let's see:
1. He is a mighty warrior.
2. He struck him with a mighty blow.

2. Mite :
Parts Of Speech : Noun.
Meaning : a very small creature that lives on plants, carpets, animals etc.
- He used poison to kill the mites on the carpet.

This is about Cite Or Site? Site Or Sight? Might Or Mite?

An Ultimate Solution:
Whenever you find these words while reading or listening to the conversations, you should try to understand the Use of them.

I am coming soon.

Read and practise.
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