Accept Or Except? Especially Or Specially?

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Well, to-day I have taken a strong part of Vocabulary which will help you you to use some particular words in both written and spoken.


Are you curious about those words like accept, except, especially and specially?

Sure, you are. So, I have taken the easiest way for you to get it clearly.


Now, be positive.

Let's get started:

First of all,

Accept Or Except?

It is very easy.


Accept - it is used as Verb. It means- to receive as suitable, to agree to something, to approve of something or to believe as truth.

Let's see:

1. All the articles have been accepted for publication which makes me very happy.

2. Can you accept it?

3. I accept your decision.

4. I could not accept your words yesterday.

5. They accepted my articles last year.

6. She can accept my advice.

7. He accepted all the changes you made yesterday.

8. We accept him as a responsible worker.

9. They couldn't accept me, because I could not perform well.

10. Shyam accepted my words easily.


Except means what?

Except- it means- apart from.

As Preposition,

Let's see:

1. I advised her to work every day except Sunday.

2. All arrived here except Jane.

3. You can take all the foods except sugar.

As Conjunction-

Let's see:

1. It is true, he didn't tell him anything except that he needed help.

2. All the books were written in English except that three were written in Assamese.

3. All the shirts were white that mine was red.


Important to know:

The Adjective of except is 'exceptional'. It means-

unusually good or outstanding or very unusual.

Let's see:

1. His son is only 5 years old, but he showed exceptional talent as a singer which is really praise-worthy.

2. At the age of 7, the girl showed her talent as a dancer.


Friends, all the things will depend upon your will-power. There is a saying, 'where there is away, there is a will.' So, be positive and study. You will be able. I accept that you have ability. Try your best. Go ahead.


Well, next Especially Or Specially?

Let's move on:

'Especially' means 'particularly'.

'Specially' means 'for a particular purpose'.

Let's see:

1. I love the villages, especially in the winter season.

2. The car is big, especially it is for a big family.

3. I purchased the dress especially for my son, because we had to go to a wedding.

4. He did the work specially for my welfare.

5. They labour hard specially for my cousin, because he is not intelligent.


Very Very Important:

1. 'especially' is not placed first in a sentence.

Correct: I especially like bread.

Incorrect: Especially , I like bread.


The other meanings:

'Especially' means-  very much, in a particular degree.

Let's see:

1. I don't feel specially happy that day.


'specially' means- more than usual, more than other things.

Let's see:

1. It will be impossible to do the work, especially it is scorching sun.

2. I don't want to take all the nuts, especially beetle nut.


Ultimate Solution:

1. Make different sentences with these words and show the teachers of English department.

2. Listen to the conversations .

3. Use these words while speaking and writing.

4. For a few days, pay attention to the use of these words while reading or writing.

5. Make 5 sentences with these words for 5 days continuously.


I am coming soon.

Read and practise.

You can.

You will be able.

I hope it.

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