Talking About Personality Types

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Talking About Personality Types,

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Whatever you study, you will first see the use of Vocabulary-Building which will enrich your thinking, increase your confidence in both speaking and writing, and give you a better understanding of the world as well as of yourself. But, if you feel the 'powerful urge to learn', your age does not make difference.

We do know, words that describe all sorts of people include attitudes.

We all are , in a way or another, unique. Though we suffer for inferiority complex, insult others, belittle the freedom others, should it be so?

We should remember, everyone's personality is determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Now, we are going to examine 8 personality types.

They are not only with words buy also with ideas.

Personality: Egoist.

Idea: Me first.

Natures or qualities:

1. Attitude to life is simple.

2. Attitude to life is direct.

3. The decision is based on the answer to one question.

4. An egoist thinks, 'What's in it for me?'

5.An egoist is selfish and greedy. He/she has ruthless desire for self-advancement. All these hurt others which is too bad.

6. He/she never wants to lag behind or to be left.

7. An egoist thinks for himself/herself.

Personality: Egotist.

Idea: The height of conceit.

Natures or qualities:

1. An egotist brags himself/herself. 

2. He/she shows what he/she does or how good he/she is. And also, an egotist  shows that he/she will solve all the problems.After all, an egotist plays a number of monotonous variations.

3.He / she is boastful to the point of being obnoxious.

Personality: Altruist.

Idea: Let me help you.

Natures or qualities.

1. An altruist likes to help others.

2. He/ she becomes happy by helping others.

3. An altruist discovers the secret of true happiness.

4. He/ she is concerned with the welfare of others never minding own interest

Personality: Extrovert.

Idea: Let's do together.

Natures or qualities:

1. An extrovert plays the role of a teacher, counsellor, administrator or an insurance agent.

2. An extrovert is always sincere, vitally interested in the problems of others.

3. He/she never worries about the effects of him/her.

4. An extrovert is happy and full of spirits.

5. He/she loves to be with lots of people.

Personality: Introvert.

Idea: Leave me alone.

Natures or qualities:

1. An introvert minutely examines his/her every thought, feeling and action.

2. He/ she probes some questions like 'Should I have said that?, What do other people think if me? or, How do I look?'

3. An introvert is not able to think that other people do not spend as much time analysing him/her as he/she thinks.

4. An introvert may be unsocial.

5. An introvert is shy and often moody and prefer solitude.

6. He/she is not comfortable engaging in activities with other people. He/she is even a genius.

Personality: Ambivert.

Idea: Neither extreme.

Natures or qualities:

1. It is notable that an abmivert have both introverted and extroverted tendencies.

2. He/she is quite normal.

3. An abmivert has the personalities that are like that of most people.

Personality: Misanthrope.

Idea: People are no damn good.

Natures or qualities:

1. A misanthrope hates people.

2. A misanthrope is cynical, embittered and suspicious.

3. His/her favourite theme is the stupidity, the meanness crookedness of most people.

Personality: A misogynist.

Women are no damn good.

Natures or qualities:

1. A misogynist dislikes or hates women , because he was deeply hurt, betrayed, crossed or wounded by women. He constructs defence for himself to be saved from women.

A Simple Way To Understand:

1. An egoist believes in self-advancement.

2. An egotist talks about accomplishments.

3. An altruist acts for the welfare of others.

4. An introvert turns thoughts inwards and is unsocial.

5. An extrovert turns thoughts outwards and is interested in other people.

6. An ambivert turns thoughts both introvert and extrovert.

7. A misanthrope dislikes or hates people.

8. A misogynist hates women.

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