Talking About Feelings and Emotion: An Important Part Of Spoken English

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We know that we all have feelings or we can feel. Because, we are living beings. But, have you ever discovered the names of feelings? Some of you may have. As I am your well-wisher, I am going to help you to discover the names feelings more and more so that it will be easy to use them in a sentence properly.

Well, now I am going to tell you the names of feelings. They are:

● upset  ● worried

● confused  ● nervous

● glad   ●friendly    

● crazy

Very Important To Know:

What is the secret by which you will be able to talk to your friends about feelings and emotion?

It is, if you put your feelings into words , it will help you to use the words or phrases while talking about it. And, it is also true , it will help you to use self-control when you feel upset.

3 Important Things:

In order to know the easiest way to talk about your feelings you have to know 3 important things. They are-

1. The name of feeling: When you feel something, you have to know the name of your feeling such as upset, happiness, worried etc.

2. Why you feel: If you know why you feel, it will help you to use the words  properly depending on the situation.

3. After knowing these two things you should try to express your feelings.

Know Your Feelings.

How To Talk About Your Feelings?

First, be positive.

Then, do not feel hesitation. You should not think that there are problems for you.

Think that you should try or you have to improve yourself. It will help you to pave your way.

The Simple Ways Of Expressing Your Feelings:

1. Now, I am really glad.

2. I'm so excited about your achievement. Go ahead.

3. Oh,no. I am so sorrowful.

4. I'm so relieved, because my sister has passed in 1st division.

5. I am over the moon.

A Solution:

Start with 'I'm'.

Do not say, 'I am.' because short forms are used in Spoken English.

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If you know the meanings of the feelings with examples, it will help you much more to use them properly while talking.

Now, The Meanings Of Your Feelings:

1. Nervous: anxious about something, afraid of something or easily worried or frightened.

Let's see:

- I felt really nervous before visiting him.

- I felt so nervous when I heard that the man is coming very soon.

- I'm very nervous about the future.

- My dog is nervous of the car.

- Never be nervous.

2. Worried: thinking about unpleasant things.

( Worried is a word to describe your feeling when you think about a problem. It is used when you think about something bad that may happen.)

Let's see:

- I'm worried about him.

- I'm not worried about her.

- I'm not worried about my son, he can take care of himself.

- I'm worried sick.(extremely worried)

- I've been worried about him.

3. Anxious: feeling worried, feeling nervous.

Let's see:

- I'm anxious.

-  I'm anxious not to be understood.

- I'm anxious for my daughter that she will meet the officer.

- I'm anxious that he will face many problems.

- I'm anxious to finish school and  get a job.

4. Confused: not clear to understand, not able to think clearly or understand.

Let's see:

- I'm confused. Please explain clearly.

- I'm confused about the things you have said.

- I'm in a confused state of mind. Please clear it soon.

- I'm utterly confused what has happened.

- I'm a bit confused. Who was there at that time?

5. Glad: pleased and happy, feeling pleased and happy.

Let's see:

- I'm so glad.

- I'm glad that your sister came to me.

- I'm very glad about your success.

- I'm glad to help you.

- I'm glad of the chance to meet you.

6. Friendly: behaving in a kind and pleasant way towards someone.

Let's see:

- I'm on friendly terms with all.

- I'm on friendly terms with all my friends.

- I'm not friendly with all.

- I'm very friendly towards my son.

- I'm very friendly towards John.

7. Cosy: warm, comfortable and safe, giving comfortable and relaxation.

Let's see:

- I am sitting cosily by the fire.

- My room is cosy in the winter season.

- He felt warm and cosy sitting by the fire.

- The room was cosy for me.

- I am settled cosily in that corner.

Synonyms Of The Names Of Feelings

Cosy: restful, cushy, comfortable, homely, snug.

Friendly: affectionate, amiable, genial, congenial, cordial.

Anxious: uneasy, worried, fearful, itching, impatient.

Worried: anxious, disturbed, perturbed, troubled, bothered.

Ways To Talk About Emotions:

We know, though emotions are complicated, they are an essential part of us. If we can accept emotion positively, they  will be a key part of emotional health.

There are many categories of emotions. Some of them are-

anger, fear, disgust, sadness, enjoyment...

The Synonyms of these words are:

anger: vexation, irritation, annoyance, exasperation, provocation.

fear: terror, fright, horror, panic, alarm.

disgust: repugnance, distaste, abhorrence, repulsion, loathing.

sadness: unhappiness, sorrow, misery, regret, grief.

If we discussed on Sadness and Enjoyment only, we will be able to talk a out emotions.

Let's move on:

Sadness: This emotion is related to a specific event such as loss, reaction etc.

First , you have to know the describing words of Sadness. They are:

lonely:  unhappy because you have no friends or company to talk to or be with you.

- I'm lonely.

- I often feel lonely.

- The lonely life of a widower is really painful.

Synonyms: isolated, alone.

heartbroken: extremely sad, suffering from extreme distress.

- I was heartbroken at the thought of leaving my village.

- If you leave me, I will be heartbroken.

- I am heartbroken at his death.

Synonyms: brokenhearted, woeful, mournful, inconsolable, joyless, gloomy, droopy, hangdog.

gloomy: feeling depression or despondency,unhappy and without hope.

- I stared gloomily at him when he arrived.

- He looked gloomy when I told him the real fact.

- We sat in gloomy silence in the room.

Synonyms: despondent, downcast, dejected, dismal.

disappointed: unhappy because someone or something is not as good as you expect.

- We are disappointed at your result.

- I am deeply disappointed about his failure.

- Don't be disappointed about my failure; I promise to try hard again.

- My parents are bitterly disappointed with me.

Synonyms: upset, disheartened, disenchanted, downhearted, depressed, discouraged.

hopeless: without hope, completely without skill or activity.

- He is depressed and felt totally hopeless about his son's future.

- I am hopeless at this work.

- I am completely hopeless in the work.

Synonyms: despairing, downhearted, desperate, useless.

unhappy: not happy.

- I am unhappy, because you cannot perform well.

- My mother is unhappy with my activities.

- I am very unhappy with your service.

Synonyms: sad, sorrowful, dejected, cheerless.


We all like to feel happy and good at the fruitful or successful moments. Then, we express such feelings by smiling or laughing. We feel enjoyment when feel :

● secure.

● close to those who love and care us.

● relaxed.

● peace.

● achieve a goal.

In order to the way to talk about enjoyment, we have  to know some describing words. They are:

● love ● amusement

● happiness● joy

● pride ● peace

● passion ● bliss

● satisfaction ● passion

About 'Passion' and 'Bliss'

Passion: a very strong feeling of love, enthusiasm, anger, hatred..

Let's see:

1. Do you know that football arouses a god deal of passion among it's fans.

2. Philosophy is my lifelong passion.

3. My passion for her made me blind to everything.

4. My passion for her ruined my life.

5. Music is a passion with me.

The other meanings of passion are-

1. Strong desire.

2. Strong amorous feeling.

3. Lust.

4. An extravagant fondness.

5. A strong enthusiasm.

Bliss: great joy, perfect happiness, extreme happiness, supreme happiness.

Let's see:

1. Swimming on a hot day is a bliss.

2. We know that bliss is a state of complete happiness.

3. I felt complete bliss at that moment.

4. I found the moments of complete natural bliss in the village.

5. To look at the full moon is a bliss for me.

Synonyms of 'Bliss' are-






These are the Ways To Get At Better At Expressing Your Feelings And Emotion.

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