Prefixes And Suffixes : List Of Prefix And Suffix

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The Definition of Prefix:

A Prefix is a group of letters placed before a word.

Let's see:

decode: de+code

'de' is placed before 'code'. So, 'de' is a Prefix.

The Definition of Suffix:

A Suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a word.

Let's see:

meaningless: meaning+less 

Here , 'less' is added to 'meaning'. So, 'less' is a Suffix.

The Difference Of Prefix And Suffix:

A Prefix is placed before a word whereas A Suffix is placed before a word.

A List Of  Prefix:

dis : dishonest, disagree, disappoint, disclose, display, displace, disobey, disregard, disagree, dishearten..

1. He is a dishonest man.

2. I don't want to disappoint him.

3. All the things were displayed at that time.

4. I disagreed with him.

5. Don't disclose it.

de : decode, derail, decrease, design, describe, depress, deport,  depend, depart, deregulate..

1. On that day, it depressed me greatly.

2. I never depend on you.

3. I departed the job on 6th July.

4. In 2010, the train derailed and plunged in the river .

5. I couldn't describe how I did it.

ex : explain, excited, expert, export, explosion, expose, exchange, exclaim , exhale, exchequer..

1. The doctor advised me to exhale deeply.

2. Don't expose everything.

3. I was excited greatly.

4. I explained the things which he didn't understand.

5. He is an expert.

il: illegal, illogical, illegible, illustration, illuminate, illustrious, illegitimate..

1. Don't drive through a red light, because it is illegal.

2. The earth is illuminated by the sun .

3. He told his story in order to illustrate his point.

4. You have an illogical fear of insects.

5. Don't say in a illogical way.

im : image, impact, immoderate, immortal, immoral, impossible, impress, impound, imprint, imposition, improve, immeasurable, impulse, immobilize, improbable..

1. It is impossible to do for me.

2. His behaviour impressed me greatly.

3. You have to improve yourself.

4. His public image is very different from the real person which his father told me.

5. Man is not immortal.

6. It put an indelible imprint on my mind.

7. The harm he did was immeasurable.

8. You should use the device in order to immobilize the engine of your car.

in : inactive, income, intend, intense, indoor, incautious, incite, incorrect, incorporate, incredible, incomplete, indeed,  indescribable, inborn,  indiscipline...

1. The price of rice has increased.

2. It seemed incredible that she had done the hard work.

3. This is an indoor game.

4. My life is incomplete without you.

5. Your income is low, so you have to start a new business.

6. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

7. Why did you do the work incautiously.

8. He could do it by dint of his inborn quality.

9. Your pattern is incorrect.

10. These are indoor games.

mis : mispronounce, misconception, mislead, mistake, misaligned, misinterpret, mischief, misfire..

1. Don't mispronounce the word.

2. Don't do so, otherwise it will mislead you.

3. He misbehaved me and so I hate him.

4. Misfortune met me last year and so I could not achieve the goal.

5. You are getting into mischief.

ir : irregular, irrational...

1. You are doing this work in a irregular way.

2. It is totally irrational, but I cannot but want to do it.

Prefixes In English

mid : midday, midnight, midlife, midsummer

1. The train arrived at midday.

2. He came to me at midnight.

3. It is impossible for me to take up a new career as it my midlife.

3. I started the work at midsummer.

4. He wanted to do the work at midsummer, but I prohibited him to do it.

5. I don't eat this food at midday.

Now, The List of Suffix:

less : meaningless, fruitless, helpless, senseless, hopeless, 

1. I am helpless now, please help me.

2. Though you said it quickly, it seemed meaningless.

3. You did the work very hard, but it became fruitless.

4. You tried hard to convince her, but it was hopeless.

5. When she met the accident yesterday, she became senseless.

Suffixes In English.

ful : houseful, useful, hopeful, meaningful, needful, peaceful..

1. Your article is really meaningful which my father liked.

2. As it is needful, try to do as soon as possible.

3. Your meaningful story was praised by all the teachers.

4. I feel hopeful that he will perform it well tomorrow.

5. His hopeful smile encouraged me greatly.

6. The cow is a useful animal.

7. All the needful things can't be accepted by me, because some of them may not be possible for me to do.

'ing' : meaning, painting, reading, saying, playing, speaking, sleeping, going...

1. He has been reading a book for two hours.

2. This painting is so attractive!

3. Though he was speaking English, he could not pronunce the words properly.

4. All the children are playing at large.

5. He is writing a story now.

6. The cat is sleeping under the table now.

7. We are eating rice now.

8. He is running now.

ous : ominous, luminous, famous, notorious, conscious, precious, cautious, mischievous, tedious..

1. The journey was so tedious for me that I will never forget it.

2. He is famous actor.

3. I became conscious of it.

4. The boss of our company is very notorious for paying me.

5. He did all cautiously.

6. I hate him because he is notorious.

ness : happiness, highness, sickness, greatness, sadness..

1. I believe that happiness counts more than money.

2. May I do it? Your highness!

3. He is really great and his greatness is praised by all.

4. My sadness makes her weep.

5. On that day, he absent through sickness.

6. It will be madness if you do so.

7. Don't show your madness by doing so.

ly : slowly, quickly, hardly, womanly, bravely, courageously, mainly..

1. He is walking very slowly, you can meet him now.

2. He moved away quickly.

3. He did everything very cautiously.

4. He fought  bravely and defeated him.

5. I was impressed greatly.

6. We can do all very quickly.

ent : amendment, achievement, payment, ailment..

1. The amendment of the bill was accepted by all.

2. It is an achievement for me.

3. We should try to treat minor ailments ourselves.

4. His ailments got major and so he was taken to the local hospital.

5. His achievement made all happy.

al : national, international, nominal, seasonal..

1. The company's national headquarters are in France.

2. I have got an opportunity to do the job in the international company.

3. I am the nominal head of our office, the real works are done by the assistant.

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