One Word For Many : One- Word Substitute

 Hello friends.

How successful are you in using words effectively?

Yes, I dare to say that you have the ability to use words very effectively.

Do you mean that using words effectively is high sounding in your speech or writing?

You should not mean so. Using effective words means to use the right words.


You do know that words words are very powerful means of expressing ideas and thoughts.


Any way, to-day I have taken an interesting topic to you in order to enrich your power of Vocabulary. It has carried two parts. They are:

1. One Word For Many.

2. One-Word Substitute.


Let's move on:


One Word For Many:

1. amphibian: an animal that can live both on land and in water.

2. animate: having life.

3. antidote: a medicine that destroys the effect of poison.

4. antonym: a word that has the opposite meaning to the one that is given.

5. athiest: a person who does not believe in God.

6. audience: assembles spectators or listeners at a public event.

7. annual: coming off once a year.

8. bankrupt: a person who cannot pay off his or her debt.

9.biennial: coming off after every two years .

10. brittle: easily breakable.

11. biped: having two feet.

12. curable: that can be cured.



1. a dead language: a language that is no longer in use.

2. a dead letter: a letter that is  not claimed by anyone.

3. a drawn match: a match in which neither party wins.

4. a fatal disease: a disease that causes death.


13.edible: fit or suitable to be eaten.

14. fatalist: a person who believes in fate.

15. hospitable: one who entertains one's guest.

16. illegal: that is against the law/contrary to or forbidden by the law.

17. illiterate: one who cannot read or write.

18. ignorant: one who lacks knowledge.

19. impatient: having no patience.

20. immovable: that which cannot be moved.

21. inanimate: having no life.

22. incurable: that which cannot be cured.

23. innocent: one who is not guilty.

24. insoluble: that cannot be solved.

25. invisible: that cannot be seen.

26. mammal: an animal of which the female feeds her young on milk from her own body.

27. omnificient: all-creating.

28. omnipotent: all-powerful.

29. omnipresent: having or present an effect everywhere at the same time.

30. omniscient: having unlimited knowledge/ knowing everything.

31. opaque: through which light cannot pass.

32. optimist: one who looks at the bright side of things.

33. pedestrian: one who walks on foot.

34. pessimist: one looks at the dark side of things.

35. solar: of the sun.

36. lunar: of the moon.

37. transparent: through which light can pass.

38. vegetarian: one who lives on vegetables only without eating meat.

39. widow: a woman whose wife has died.

40. zenith: point in heavens directly above the observer.


About Killing:

1. matricide: the action of killing one's mother.

2. patricide: the action of killing one father.

3. fratricide: the action of killing one's brother.

4. sosoricide: the action of  killing one's sister.

5. suicide: the action of killing oneself.

6. homicide: the action of killing a human - being.

7. infanticide: the action of killing an infant.

8. regicide: the action of killing a king.


One-Word Substitute



1. an animal that lives on flesh only : carnivore

2. an animal that lives on herbs only : herbivore

3. an animal that lives on grass : grassivore

4. an animal that lives on fish : piscivore

5. an animal that lives on human flesh : cannibal



1. a person who worships one God : monotheist

2. a person who worships many Gods.



1. one who loves mankind : philanthropist

2. one who loves women : philogynist



1. one who hates mankind: misanthropist

2. one who hates women: misogynist



1. writing of the life- story of a person : biography

2. writing of the life- story of a person written by himself or herself

3. beautiful writing : calligraphy



1. study of heavenly bodies : astronomy

2. study of languages : philology

3. science of the human body : physiology

4. science of the animals : zoology

5. science of the living beings : biology

6. science of elements : chemistry

7. science of material things : physics

8. science of the earth's crust and air : geography

9. science of the earth's inner layers : geology



1. that can be seen : visible

2. that cannot be seen : invisible

3. that can be read : legible

4. that cannot be read : illegible

5. that cannot be believed : incredible

6. that can be changed : changeable

7. that cannot be changed : unchangeable

8. that can be corrected : corrigible

9. that cannot be corrected : incorrigible

10. that can be moved : movable

11. that cannot be moved : immovable

12. that can be heard : audible

13. that cannot be heard : inaudible

14. that can be described : describable

15. that cannot be describable : indescribable



1. government by a king : monarchy

2. government by the people : democracy

3. government by the few : oligarchy.


I hope that this article has given a support of Vocabulary to you.


Read and practise.


I am coming soon.

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