Nervous Or Worried? Nervous Or Anxious?

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It is true that your words have a great impact. But, I am with you to enrich your words so that you can use the words in different situations in a proper way. You do know that words show one's personality or mentality.

It is also true, one can be successful. by dint of one's words as well. Sometimes, one fails to deserve the proper use of words in sentences..

So, why will you not study the proper use of words? I hope very deeply that you study the things well in order to find the best way to use them.

Whatever you study, the most important thing is, be practical. Practice makes one perfect. Though you study, you should use the words while speaking too. It will make you more perfect. It will -

1. Dispel your confusion.

2. Show the way to use in different situations.

3. Enable you to speak as well as write properly.

4.Increase your knowledge of Vocabulary.

5. Help you to make correct pattern in sentences.

Then , why will you retreat? No question of 'no'.

Now, I hope that you are really positive. You will read this article very attentively as well as find the way to use the words properly in a sentence.


1. I can.

2. I will.

3. I have to improve myself.

Nervous Or Worried?

Nervous Or Anxious?

Are you confused? May be; but as I am always with you, I will show you the best way to understand.

Let's get started:

 What is the difference between Nervous and Worried?

What is the difference between Nervous and Anxious?

First , you have to know the meanings of them.

 The meaning of Nervous: anxious about something, afraid of something, easily worried, easily frightened.

Let's see:

1. Why are you nervous about inviting us?

2. Before singing, she became nervous in front of the judges.

3. By the time he arrived, I was a nervous wreck.

(Nervous Wreck is a person who suffered from stress, emotional exhaustion..)

Next, the meaning of worried: thinking about unpleasant things which make one feel unhappy and afraid.

Let's see:

1. I am worried about him.

2. He was worried about my future.

3. The doctor was worried about the spread of my disease.

4. He's been worried sick.

(It means, he has been extremely worried.)

5. He gave me a worried look.

Next, the meaning of anxious: feeling worried or nervous.

Let's see:

1. He seemed anxious about the conference.

2. We know that parents are naturally anxious for the children.

3. I  anxious that I would go there.

Now, the difference between Nervous and Worried.

The difference between Nervous and Anxious.

Worried: it is used commonly to describe the feelings when we think about a problem.

Anxious: it is used to describe a stronger feeling and as formal.

Nervous: it is used to describe one's personality or feeling. It is used how you feel before you do something very important such as exam, competition etc.

Where there is a will, there is away. So, go ahead.

Study and learn.

Earn knowledge.

Knowledge is power which you do know.

Now, Parts Of Speech of these words:

Worried: it is an Adjective.

- I am not too worried by the result.

Worriedly: it is an Adverb.

- We glanced worriedly at him.

Nervous: it is an Adjective.

- She was a nervous girl.

Anxious: it is an Adjective.

- There are a few anxious moments in the game.

Different Examples:

1. I was anxious to finish all the works.

2. Why do you seem anxious about the meeting?

3. I am not the nervous type.

4. The boy felt really nervous before the exam.

5. I am very worried about him.

Study and practise.

I am coming to you soon.

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