In Or At? The Use Of In And At

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First of all, what is Preposition?

A preposition is a word which is placed before a Noun or a Pronoun to show its relation with some other Noun or pronoun in a sentence.


Preposition= pre+ position

'Pre' means 'before'


'Position' means place.

It means, the position or place of a Preposition is before a word(Noun or Pronoun).


Well, Let's come to the point:


The use of In:

1. After a particular length of time-

Let's see:

-I will learn to drive in two weeks.

- My sister learnt to drive the car in five days.

- We reached there in five minutes.

2. At a point within an area:

Let's see:

- We live in London.

- They have been living in this village for 20 years.

- We found him in the market.

3. At a point within a space:

- I put the pen in the bag yesterday.

- My book is in the drawer.

- He keeps the books in the box.

4. Within the shape of something being surrounded:

- The old man is sitting in the armchair now.

- I left the key in the lock by mistake.

5. Into something:

- The painter dipped the brush in paint.

- He asked me to get in his car.

- She dipped her clothes in hot water.

6. Forming the part of something:

- There are 7 days in a week.

- There are 12 months in a year.

7. During a period of time:

- I met him in 2012.

- We met the man in 2000.

- It happened in the 20th century.

7. Wearing something:

- He was in uniform yesterday.

- She looked beautiful in the dress.

- I saw the man in a black cap.

8. Taking part in something:

- The actor is the film.

- He acted in the movie.

9. Showing job or profession:

- My brother is in the army.

- I am in business.

10. Describing physical surrounding:

- Don't go out in the rain.

- He has been sitting alone in the darkness for 2 hours.



There are 3 chief classes of Preposition.

They are:

1. Simple Preposition.

2. Compound Preposition.

3. Participial Preposition.

'In' and 'at' are Simple Prepositions.


The use of At:

1. Showing the place where something or somebody is:

- He is sitting at the corner of the room now.

- I arrived at the airport at 3 p.m.

- We shall be at home all morning.

- We met the man at the hospital.

2. Showing time/saying when something happens:

- He arrived at 10a.m.

- My son, you can see the stars at night.

- She started the work at dawn.

- I knew what you were doing at the weekend.

3. Showing the direction/ towards something or somebody:

- Look at the moon.

- Why are you looking at me?

- He pointed a gun at me.

- He pelted a stone at him.

4. Stating the age at which somebody does something:

- He got married at 30.

- He left the school at the age of 15.

- At the age of 45, he payed debt to nature.

5. Showing speed:

- He drives his car at 90 kilometer per hour.


Very Important:

A preposition is used before a Noun or a Pronoun.

But, a preposition comes at the end of a sentence as well.


Let's see:

1. Do you know that the poor man  has a house to live in?

2. This is the man whom I was talking to.

3. This is the school where my daughter studied in.

4. This is the pen which you were looking for.

5. What time have you arrived at?


Some prepositional phrases:

1. At home in(good at)

2. By dint of(by force of)

3. For want of(because of the lack of)

4. At the top of(at the upper limit)

5. At the risk of(taking the danger)


Be positive.

Study hard.


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