Alternatives Of 'How Are You?' Different Ways To Ask 'How Are You?'

Hello, friends.

We often ask our friends how they are, whenever we meet them. They also ask us. Because we are friends or well-wishers to one another.


But, how do we ask?

Or, how do they ask?

Let's get started:


To-day, I am going to show different ways to ask the same thing to our friends.


Different Ways To Ask 'How Are You?'

1. How do you do?

2. What's up?

3. What's about you?

4. How have you been?

5. What's sizzling?


Better Substitute For 'How Are You?'


6. What's going on?

7. What's new?

8. What are you upto?

9. What's new with you?

10. How long has been it?

11. How are things going on?

12. Anything interesting happening lately?

13. Are you doing anything?

14. How is it going?

15. How is it happening?16. How are things?

17. How are you doing,to-day?


Do you want to sound more natural? Yes, you do. So, let's take a look at some new alternatives?


18. Whatssup?

19. Long time,no see!

20. How's your day going?

21. How is it everything?

22. You all right?

23. How have you been?

24. How are your days going on?

25. What's new with you?


On the same language, if we ask in the same way, our friends may feel boring. So, we should know different ways to ask.


English is a Tricky Languages. Isn't it?  So, it has a positive way. You can use different ways to ask the same thing which are better ways for you to use at different situations.


Asking About Feelings:

It is not that you should ask your friends in a very meaningful way. You can ask in a simple way , but it is very impressive way.

But, how?

1. How are you feeling to-day?

2. What emotions are coming up for you lately?

3. How are you feeling now?



Formal Ways To Say 'How Are You?'

1. Are you well?


(It is a simple way but a better way.)

2. How are you keeping?


(It is an old-fashioned way)

3. What's been going on?

4. What's new?

5. What's up?


Whenever we feel comfortable while hearing something, the way of asking or saying becomes fruitful.


So, this article will help you in different ways to ask- How Are You?


But, how will you answer to these questions?

You can answer in different ways. But, the classic ways will be better for you.


1. I'm good.

2. I'm fine.

3. I'm well.

4. Pretty good.

5. I'm OK.


On order to sound positive, you should ask in proper tune. In other words , you use a proper intonation. At end of your answer the intonation should be high. It will be very impressive ad well.


1. Not too bad.

2. Yeah, alright.


Other Way:

1. I've been better.


Clever Ways To Say 'How Are You?'


1. Where are you heading?

2. Hey there, good to see you!

3. How are things coming along?

4. What's the highlight of your day?

5. How's little everything in your life?

6. How do you fare?

7. Any exciting occurrence in your life lately?

8. How's it going?

9. How are you holding up?

10. What's up with the flow?



A List Of Alternatives Of 'How Are You?'



I hope you have found the simple but helpful Alternatives Of 'How Are You?'


I am coming soon.

Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website.