Wait or Await?

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You do know that words help us to express our ideas and thoughts. So, we should know the proper use of words. Well, are you confused about Wait vs Await.

May be, but I am with you. I have taken a very effective topic to you which will give you:

1. Wait vs Await.

2. Wait or Await?

3. The difference between Wait and Await.

4. Wait meaning.

5. Await meaning.

As Pickering says, ‘Far better is to know everything of a little than a little of everything.'

Please feel it and proceed.

Now, Lets move on:

Only one difference will clear your concept.

It is -

Wait - it means, while staying in one place for someone or something to happen, you allow time to go by.

Let's see:

1. I am waiting for her.

2. I am waiting to use her mobile.

3. He is waiting for me.

4. Don't wait for me, I will return very late.

5. Father is waiting for you.

But, Await meaning!

It is Simple.

Await - it means to wait for something.

It also means to wait in the future for someone or something.

Let's see:

1. I am anxiously awaiting my result.

2. I am awaiting your answer.

3. He has been awaiting our party.

4. I have been awaiting her answer.

5. We are awaiting the trial.

6. In the office, no jobs are awaiting me.

Very Important:

Generally, after 'Wait', the prepositions-To or for are used.

Let's see:

1. I am waiting for him.

2. I am waiting to do the work.

    But, after 'Await', generally no Preposition is used.

Let's see:

1. You are awaiting my result.

2. We are awaiting my performance.

This is about Wait vs Await.

Please read and practice.

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