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15 Uses of Get with Meanings

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Get means:

1. To understand:

Let's see: 1. I didn't get what he said.

2. To hear:

Let's see: 1. she couldn't get what I said, because the children were making a noise.

3. To earn:

Let's see: 1. I did the job in order to get 50,000 per month.

4. To buy:

Let's see: 1. I went to the shop to get some sugar.

5. To receive or to be given:

Let's see: 1. What grade have you got for the final exam?

6. To go somewhere and bring back something:

Let's see: 1. Can you get me some water?

7. To reach:

Let's see: 1. How have you got there?

8. To arrive:

Let's see: 1. what time have you got here?

9. To become ill with a virus, disease etc.

Let's see: 1. the child got food poisoning after eating a pizza at the restaurant.

10. To become:

Let's see: 1. I got really upset when he blamed me.

11. To cause something to happen:

Let's see: 1. I tried to get the work finished by June.

12. To cause someone to do something:

Let's see: 1. I have to get my daughter ready for school.

13. To start to be:

Let's see: 1. The tea is getting cold.

14. To move to a different place or position:

Let's see: 1. Please get into the car.


15. To have the chance to do something:

Let's see: 1. I shall never get to see her, because she has left us forever.

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1. Make 10 sentences with Get.

2. Use the sentences properly in conversation.

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