The Use of At, In and On

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1. How to Use Preposition in English.

2. Correct Grammar Usage of At, In and On

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The Usage of At

1. Used to show an exact or a particular time.

Let's see:

1. I was free at lunchtime.

            2. I am busy at this moment.

            3. Come at 2.30 p.m.

            4. Come at noon.

2. Used to show an exact position or a particular place.

Let's see:

1. He is sitting at the table in the room.

            2. Rajesh was standing at the top of the stairs.

            3. There was someone at the door.

            4. He met me at school.

3. Used to show someone's ability.

Let's see:

1. He is good at English.

           2. He is good at hunting.

4. Used to show the temperature, speed, price...

Let's see:

1. Don't drive at high speed.

            2. The coats were sold at 10% off.

5. Used to show a state, condition..

Let's see:

1. We are at peace.

6. Used to show continuous activity.

Let's see:

1. The children are at play.

            2. I am at work now.

The Usage of In

1. Inside a place or area.

Let's see: 1. They live in a big house.

                 2. There are two pens in my hand.

2. Inside a container.

Let's see: 1. There are three books in the box.

                 2. There is a ball in the box.

3. Forming a part of something.

Let's see: 1. They are standing in a queue.

                 2. They stood in a circle.

4. Before a month or year or during a part or all of a period of time.

Let's see: 1. He came in April.

                 2. I met him in 2019.

5. Before or at the end of a particular period.

Let's see: 1. I will finish the work in ten minutes.

6. Experiencing a condition or feeling.

Let's see: 1. I am in love.

                 2. He is living in luxury.

7. Written in a particular way.

Let's see:1. He wrote the answer in ink.

8. As a result.

Let's see: 1. I will do in response to your demand.

9. In arranging or dividing.

Let's see:  1. Cut the apple in two.

                  2. The children stood in a circle.

10. Involved or connected with a particular activity or subject.

Let's see: 1. He took the degree in Science.

11. Wearing.

Let's see: 1. He looks nice

in this dress.

The Usage of On

1. In contact with and supported by a surface.

Let's see:  1. The book is on the table.

                   2. The little boy is lying on his father's back.

2. Located:

Let's see: 1. There is a camp on the island.

3. As a member of a committee or a board.

Let's see: 1. He was allowed to serve on the committee.


This is about the Usage of At, In and On.


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