The Noun A Strong Part Of Grammar

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On this fine day, I have taken a strong part of Grammar to you which will give the clear concept of it.

First of all,we all have to find a clear concept on what Grammar is. It is:

Grammar is the science that deals with the rules and practices of a language which are for changing the form of words and joining them into sentences.

Now, you can feel the Importance of Grammar.

If you don't know Grammar,a language will be made in an ugly form. It is,the disorder in forming a sentence.

Now, be positive.

A first but strong part of

Parts Of Speech.

The Noun.

Let's get started:

What is Noun?

A simple way:

Noun means a name.

It is in a broad way:

A Noun is the name of a person, animal, place, quality, thing, action, feeling etc.

Let's see:

1. Name of a person- Jack.

2. Name of an animal- tiger.

3. Name of a place- Gujarat.

4. Name of a quality- honesty.

5. Name of a thing - pen.

6. Name of an action - gait/race.

7. Name of a feeling- sorrow.

This is about 'What is a Noun?'

The Important Things:

It's about the kinds of Noun.

There are two main kinds of Noun. They are:

1. Concrete Noun.

2. Abstract Noun.

Concrete   Noun

A Concrete Noun is the Noun that names a concrete object such as a person, place, thing, material etc.

Abstract     Noun

An Abstract Noun is the Noun that names of an abstract element such as action, state, quality, feeling etc.

Now, in detail:

Main kinds of Concrete Noun:

1. Countable Noun.

2. Uncountable Noun.

- Countable Nouns are the Nouns that can be counted.

Let's see: man, pen, boy, bat, animal etc.

- Uncountable Nouns are the Nouns that cannot be counted.

Let's see: milk, rice, oil, sugar etc.

Sub-Kinds of Concrete Noun:

1. Proper Noun.

2. Class Noun or Common Noun.

3. Material Noun.

4. Collective Noun.

Proper    Noun

A Proper Noun is the Noun that refers the name of a particular place, person or thing to single which is out from others or a class.

Let's see:

1 Class Noun or Common Noun

A Common Noun is the name of a person, place or thing of whose kind there are many others.

Or, A Common Noun is the Noun that belongs to a class with many others of the same kind.

Let's see:

1. The cow is a useful animal.

2. The dog is a faithful animal.

3. The children are standing in a circle.

4. The farmer is very laborious.

5. There are two schools in the village.

(In these sentences, cow, dog , animal, children, farmer, school and village are Common Noun or Class Noun)


Proper        Class

Noun.          Noun


Ram          man

tiger          animal

rose          flower


Material     Noun

A Material Noun is the Noun that refers the name of a substance or material of which things are made.

Let's see:

1. My ring is made of pure gold.

2. Bread is made from flour.

3. Buildings are made of cement, stone and iron.

4. The table is made of wood.

5. The chair is made of steel.

(In these sentences,gold , flour, cement, stone, iron, 

steel and wood are the Material Noun)

Collective     Noun

A Collective Noun refers the name of a group or collection of persons, animals and things as a complete whole.

Let's see:

1.We are tending a flock of sheep.

2. Our family is big.

3. A herd of cattle is passing through the small forest.

4. There is a pile of books on the table.

5. There are 60 pupils in the class.

(In these sentences, flock, family, herd, pile and class are the Collective Noun)

 More Examples of Collective Noun in sentences:

1.    An army of soldiers.

2.    A band of singers.

3.    A basket of fruits.

4.    A bunch of flowers.

5.    A bunch of bananas.

6.    A bevy of girls.

7.    A bevy of ladies.

8.    A class of pupils.

9.    A class of students.

10.  A brood of birdies.

11.  A bundle of sticks.

13.  A chain of mountains.

14.  A clump of trees.

15.  A cluster of stats.

16.  A crew of sailors.

17.  A crowd of people.

18.  A fleet of ships.

19.  A flock of goats.

20.  A gang of robbers.

21.  A group of islands.

22.  A heap of stones.

23.  A herd of cows.

24.  A litter of pups.

25.  A hive of bees.

26.  A series of events.

27.  A pile of books.

28.  A set of tools.

29.  A shoal of fish.

30.  A team of players.

31.  A swarm of bees.

32.  A shower of rain.

33.  A volley of bullets.

34.  A range of hills.

35.  A lock of hair.

36.  A pair of shoes.

37.  A mob of rioters.

38.  A pack of cards.

39.  A pack of wolves.

40.  A library of books.

41.  A peal of bells.

42.  A pencil of rays.


Abstract    Noun

An Abstract Noun is the name of an abstract element such as action, quality, feeling, state or art etc.

Let's see:

1. We know that sorrow eats up the life of a man.(sorrow- feeling)

2. My brother won the race.(race - action)

3. Poverty is my enemy in my life.(poverty- state)

4. Music soothes a worried mind.(music - art)

5. Exercise gives us strength.(strength- quality)

6.Honesty is the best policy.(honesty- quality)


In fine, An Ultimate Solution to be clear:

Examples of Abstract:

activity, agency, babyhood, jealousy, infancy, boyhood, enmity, facility, childhood, friendship, honesty, dishonesty, kingship, cookery, cowardice, heroism, motherhood, neighborhood, parenthood, patriotism, personality, pilgrimage, revolution, service, slavery, theft, whiteness, greatness, wisdom, folly, mystery, ownership, poverty, robbery, schooling, ability, absence, bravery, boldness, breadth, business, decency, depth, kindness, density, cleanliness, difference, diligence, equality, falsehood, fertility, importance, freedom, decency, height, gaiety, grandeur, heat, humanity, humility, innocence, youth, truth, vanity, width, strength, reality, shortage, secrecy, safety, quickness, purity, popularity, perfection, patience, necessity, laziness, length, justice, locality, merriment, obedience, disobedience, moisture, achievement, admiration, arrival, sale, entrance, pleasure, motion, proof, service, application, appointment, amusement, dismissal, prayer, education, collection, discovery, mixture, eath, refusal, tale, sight, proof, health, judgement, loss, joint, speech etc.

This is about The Noun.

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