The Blank Page of Spoken English

Hi, friends.

I am very happy that you know English well.

You can write English well as well.

But as a non-native speaker, you do not how to speak English well. You face problems in Fluent English or you can't make Everyday English Sentences. You are carrying a Blank Page Of Spoken English. It is very natural, because English is not your mother tongue, isn't it?

But the blank page has preserved whiteness in its bosom for you.

You do know-

Where there is whiteness, there is a clean place; there is a lofty position for you to start Spoken English where you can find the strong way of Fluent English. Then, why is it not possible for you to draw a beautiful picture of yourself with Spoken English?

 Sure, you are able.

You can do.

It is quite possible for you to use the blank page of Spoken English.



Only 1 Step Will Help You In Fluent English.

What is it?

It is - Communicating with people.

But, how?

Let's see:

 1. Tell your well-wishers that you want to speak English. They will support you because, 

      hey  are your well-wishers.

 2. Listen to conversation per day.

 3. Collect the simple sentences from the conversation you listen to and use them while       

     talking to your well-wishers.

 4. On the first day, use only one sentence.

     It is - You're right/Yes, yes.

 5. Next day, you can use these sentences-

           1. How are you?

           2. What's your hobby?

 6. When your well-wishers will tell you about his/her hobby, you will listen the sentences

     they  speak.

 7. Then your well-wishers will ask you about your hobby, and then you should use 

      the pattern of the Sentences they used when you asked.

     You can use in different ways such as -

1. My hobby is reading.

2. In my free time, I love playing tennis.

 A useful suggestion:

1. Talk to your friends or well-wishers on hobby for three days continuously.

  After 3 days, you will be able to speak 6/7 sentences which will be a strong starting of     

    Spoken English.

To know more about this, please read an article in our website. It is -

How to Talk Richly and Confidently.

Now, how to improve English Speaking Skills?

I am going to remove this question mark from your mind forever.


Let's move on:

An Ultimate Solution

1. Every day you should talk to your different friends on hobby. It is such a way which will   

    never irritate

    anybody. Because, all like share their hobbies with their friends.

 A Help:

In our website, you can read an article in which you will find the simple but standard sentences to use on different occasions.

 The name of the article is -

Wishing  in English.

Be positive and keep trying.

Practice as possible.


Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website.