Story Writing: Part-2

It is about Story Writing.

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On 16th October, I wrote Story Writing: Part-1.

There were the easy rules of writing a story. Before reading today's article, read that one , it will be easy to understand today's article.

We do know that children are fond of stories. It is very interesting for them. If the students accept the stories as an interesting topic, it will help them to involve in writing stories.

As I wrote the important rules in Story Writing: Part-1, so I am going to show only one rule of writing a story which is very fruitful.

Let's get started:

Generally, stories are written in three ways. They are-

1. Reading a book.

2. Hearing from someone.

3. From an outline.

The third way is one of the most important ways for the students.

In an outline, there are some missing links. Now, what to do? It is simple. First read the outline, then discover the words which are in the missing links.

Then, what to do?

Write the words which are in the missing links in simple sentences with the words which are in the outline.

Now, follow these rules -

1. First, write the simple sentences.

2. First, write the short sentences.

3. First, make the story short.

4. Show the story to your teachers.

5. After showing your teachers, write the story with long sentences. The sentences should not  

    be very long.

6. Then, make the story a bit longer.

7. Practise for 7 days this way. Then, you will become a good story writer.

Now, a few stories from which the students can take the help of sentence patterns.

The Clever Monkey

Once upon a time, there lived two cats in the same street. They were good friends. They chatted and had a jolly good time.

One day, they saw a cake at the same time. It led a dispute.They ran towards it and reached it at the same moment. Either of them placed her paw over the cake. Then, she claimed it for herself.

One of them said, 'The cake is mine. Because, I first saw it.' The other said, 'No, it is mine. Because, I first saw it and reached it earlier than you.'  The cats began to fight. Just then, a monkey happened to pass by them. The monkey was clever. Seeing the cake, in no time he said, 'Dear sisters, you are fighting! You are sisters. Why are you fighting like that? Don't worry. I am here to settle your dispute. Sit beside me. I will handle the matter.'

The cats agreed. They were taken in by the monkey's words.  The monkey took a balance and tore the cake into two unequal pieces. Then, it placed the pieces of cake on the two pans of the balance. When the pan of larger piece went down, the monkey bit a slice out of it. After it, the other pan became heavier and went down. So, the monkey bit a slice out if it. This way, the monkey kept right on doing. After sometime, both pieces of cakes became very small. The cats could see through the monkey's trick. They said, ' Let us eat. You are eating without giving us.'

The monkey was very clever. He said, 'Listen to me, I have done so much labour for you to settle your dispute that I should have these pieces.' Saying so, in no time he ate up the pieces into mouth and went away.

Try, Try Again

There was a famous king named King Bruce  in Europe. The king was very brave. He was a patriot as well. He invaded Scotland with a large army. But, he suffered a defeat. He made six brave attempts to free his country from the English, all went in vain. He was disappointed. Having found no alternative he went to a forest. There he hid in a cave.

In the cave, suddenly his eyes fell on a spider's web. He saw that a spider was hanging from a thread. The spider was trying to go up, but it slipped down. He tried repeatedly, but it went in vain. The spider never gave up. It went on with continuous effort. Then, Bruce counted nine attempts of the spider. The attempt of the spider made the king feel that he was in wrong. He felt that, the spider was not disappointed though it tried nine times. It tried its tenth attempt. So, he should not lose his heart. First, the king said, 'Silly spider!'

The king was surprised at the spider's way how it tried step by step. The king watched the spider closely and decided to get ready for a brave attempt again. In the long run, Bruce invaded his enemy and won a grand victory.

The Clever Hare

Once, there lived a cruel lion in a forest. He roamed about and killed the animals mercilessly.S o, the animals decided to hold a meeting to discuss the matter.

Almost all the leaders took part in the meeting. After a long discussion, a way of ending the lion's terror was found. According to the discussion, the animals requested the lion to accept one animal every day. The lion agreed to it.

On the first day, a clever hare was sent to the lion. The hare planned to finish the lion. Soon, he passed by an old well and hit upon a trick. Then, he went to the lion pretty late. The lion became furious to see him as he was feeling awfully hungry. He thundered, 'Why have you come so late?'

The hare was trembled and said, 'Pardon me, sir. Another lion was in my way. He wanted to kill me. I was hardly saved. That lion is going to stand in your way.'

The hair's words made the lion made with rage. He said, 'Show me the lion. I will finish him at once.' The hair felt a relief. In no time ,he led the lion to the well.

On reaching the well, the clever hair said, 'Sir, the lion is inside the well. See him yourself. He is about to attack you.' The lion bowed down to peep into the well and saw his own reflection therein. He took it for an another lion and roared aloud. Quickly, he jumped into the well and was finished. The hare returned home and conveyed the news to all the animals. All became very happy.

This is about Story Writing: Part-2

Now, write the stories using the following outlines and show your teachers.

1. There was a quarrel between wind and the sun.......over strength......saw a traveller... try on him......wind bows.....the sun shines.....the traveller took off his shawl....the sun became winner..

2. A fox fell into a well.....a goat comes....sweet words made the goat come down...the fox comes into the goat's back...goat left there.

An Ultimate Solution:

1. Write a story per day for 7 days.

2. For first 2 days, write shortly.

3. For next 3 days, make them a little longer.

4. For the last 2 days, make the stories of 150 words.


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