Story Writing: Part-1


It is about Story where there are:

1. Definition.

2. Important things about Story.

3. Types of Story.

4. Examples.

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What is a Story?

A Story is a series of imagery words that contains an event or a description of anything.

This is the Definition of Story.

How to write a story?

What are the important things to write a story?

Let's move on:

1. Outlines are generally given in the Present Tense. The story should be written sticking to the

     outlines. The very important thing is-missing links should be written by discovering. The    

     Sentences should be  written in Past Tense.

2. The language must be simple but correct having a clear-cut idea of the entire plot.


3. The beginning must be straight-forward.


4. The parts of a story must be proportionate.


5. It is better to have a small dialogue in order to enhance the beauty and naturalness.


6. The heading must be carefully choosen. It should be attractive.


7. At the end, there should be a moral.


Types Of A Story

There are two broad categories is Story. They are: 1. Fiction

        2. Non-fiction.

 Fiction Stories:

A story of fiction is based on imaginary events which are very popular among the children.They are:

● Fairy tales

● Folklore

● Adventure stories.

● Love stories

● Horror stories

● Ghost stories

● Bedtime stories

 Non- fiction Stories:

A story of non-fiction is based on real events. It covers the real-life events or experience. They are:

            ● Historical events

● Biographies

● Autobiographies

● Cultural history

● Science

● War stories

● Travel stories

Examples of Stories

The Lion And The Mouse

Once upon a time,there lived a lion in a dense forest. It was Summer. As it was very hot, the lion was lying in the shade of a big tree. It was fast asleep. A small mouse lived in a hole near by. As it was very hot inside the hole, the mouse came out and began to move about in the cool shades of trees.

Seeing the lion asleep, the tiny mouse went up to the lion and ran across it's body several times. The lion felt disturbed and like up. Being red with rage, he decided to punish the mouse duly. So, he caught the tiny creature and was about to kill it saying, 'You idiot !  how dare you to disturb me ! I won't spare you. I am going to finish you.'

The mouse was trembled in fear and said, 'Spare my life, O king. I have been surely silly to disturb you in your sleep. You won't get much to kill me. Please forgive me, sir. I may do some good to you one day. Now, let me go.'

Though the lion felt tickled to hear the words, yet he was moved with pity for the tiny creature. He smiled at it and let it go.

A few months  passed. One day, a hunter laid a strong net to catch some animals. Unluckily, the lion was caught in the net. He roared and roared. Though he tried his best to free himself, he failed. He became helpless and roared aloud. Then, the mouse heard the roar of the lion and came out of its hole to see what had happened.

On seeing the lion caught in the net, the mouse rushed towards him. Then, the mouse started to gnaw the strings of the net. After sometime, the lion became free.

The lion patted the mouse for its help. He thanked it from the core of his heart and said, 'To-day, I have realised that a tiny creature can help a huge animal.' Then, the lion went away.

Moral: Do good and have good.

The Hare And The Tortoise

Once, a tortoise was strolling on the bank of a pool. At the same time, a thirsty hare came there to quench his thirst. They became friends and chatted for hours.

When both met, they chatted. But, the hare made fun of the slow speed of the tortoise. The tortoise tolerated it patiently. One day, when the hare insulted the tortoise, the tortoise couldn't tolerate any longer. In no time, he challenged the hare a race.

The hare was arrogant and accepted the challenge. A day was fixed for the race. A tree was fixed as a winning point. A duck agreed to play the referee for them.

The race started on the fixed day. The hare ran fast whereas the poor tortoise moved slowly. The hare gained a good distance in a few minutes and was very happy. On seeing the tortoise lagging behind, he decided to take rest for a while. He was tired and sat down in the cool shade of a bush. He felt asleep soon.

The tortoise was patient and moved on and on steadily.He passed by the hair silently. In the long run, he reached the winning point.

When the hair woke up, the sun was sinking down in the West. He ran fast as possible but it went in vain. He was ashamed . The tortoise was smiling. The days of mocking at the tortoise ended forever.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

The Cap-seller And The Monkey

Once there was a Cap-seller who lived in a small village. He was good at making caps. He made caps every day and sold them in a nearby town. He sold caps at fairs as well.

It was a hot summer day. One day, he was going to a fair with his box of caps. It was very hot as it was mid-day. He felt hot and hungry too. There was a tree nearby. He decided to take rest under the shade of the tree as well as take his lunch at ease.

The cap-seller went up the tree and put the box of caps. He sat down under it and took  lunch. Then he drank some cool water and leaned against the box . Soon, he fell asleep.

A number of monkeys were sitting on the beaches of the tree. One of them came down and opened the box of caps. As there was nothing to eat in the box, the monkey took out a cap and wore it on its head. Then, the monkey climbed up back the tree.

All the monkeys followed their friend. They wore the caps and climbed back. The box was all empty. The monkeys was chattering in joy and jumping from brach to branch.

Hearing the chattering of the monkeys, the cap-seller woke up. He looked at the box. Having found no caps in the box, he looked up the tree and saw the monkeys enjoying with his caps. He pelted stones at them to get back the caps. But, it didn't work. Then, he took off his cap and flung it on the ground.

As the monkeys are imitators, they also took off the caps and flung on to the ground. The cap-seller quickly collected them and put them in his box. Without wasting time, he lifted his box and  made for the fair.

Moral: Do with intelligence, not with strength.

The Old Man And His Sons

Once upon a time, an old farmer lived in a village. He had four sons who always quarreled among themselves. They ignored their father's advice. It pained the old man. The old man was worried about them greatly. He wanted them to live in peace. But, his effort became fruitless

After a few years, the old farmer fell ill seriously. His end looked near. He was much  worried about his sons. He found no solution. In fine, he hit upon a plan.

He called all his four sons and said, 'The time of my departure is getting closer. Before leaving you, I want to give something to you.' The sons became very eager to know what their father was going to give them.

The old man asked his sons to fetch a bundle of sticks. The sons fetched it. The dying father asked them to break the bundle turn by turn. Everyone of them tried with all his strength, but all failed.

Now, the old man asked them to untie the bundle and break  the sticks one by one. All the sons could break the sticks very easily. Then, the old man said, 'Dear sons, you have learned a session from the sticks. When the bundle was untied, the sticks could be broken one by one. But, when the bundle of sticks was tied together, none of you could break. After separating them, you could break. I want to mean, if you remain quarelling, your enemies will ruin you. But, if you are united, you will be strong enough like the bundle. Then, no one would be able to do harm you.'

The plan of the old man worked fruitfully. All the four sons took their strong resolution not to squarel again. After sometime, the old farmer died.

This is about Story Writing.

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