Somehow vs Anyhow

A Very Easy Way to Find The Difference Between Somehow and Anyhow.

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Are confused about Somehow Meaning and Anyhow Meaning?  May be.  But, as a well-wisher I am always with you to dispel your confusion.


Now, come to the point:

Somehow Meaning!

It is simple.

Somehow- it means,

1. A way or another or by some means, but the way is not known.

2. By some method that is not known or understood exactly.

Let's see:

 1. Although he did not know how, but somehow he managed to do the work.

 2. I may not be easy, but somehow I will reach the place.

 3. Somehow, I managed to meet him.

 4. He managed to escape somehow.

 5. Somehow he managed to pass the final exam.


But, Anyhow Meaning!

It is simple.

Let's move on:

Anyhow- it means,

1. it doesn't matter in what way, but something has to be done.

2. In an untidy way without care.

3. In a careless way or without interest.

Let's see:

  1. Anyhow I will do the work.

  2. He flung the suitcase anyhow.

  3. He tried to solve the problem anyhow.

  4. We tried to meet him anyhow to receive help.

  5. Anyhow we will assist him.

Friends, read and practice.

This is about Somehow vs Anyhow.


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