Similar Words Distinguished

Big or Great?, Alter or Change?, Deny or Refuse?- Let's remove these question marks.

Hi, friends.

Can man do everything?

Yes, he can.

Can you do everything?

Yes, you can.

So, I hope very deeply that you are able to learn English in a different way which is really effective.

You do know, where there is a will there is a way.

You do know that English is a tricky language. The pronunciation or Vocabulary is so drastically different from the ones of other languages that you cannot pronounce or write   depending on the spelling

There are many words which are same in pronunciation but they have different spellings or meanings. There are many words which are almost same in spellings but they mean differently. There are many words which mean same but their usage or sense is different. Then, you are confused.

Isn't it?

Confusion is an obstacle. We should be dead against it. Otherwise, it will be creating major problems.

It is actually natural as the language is tricky. But, men solve all. If you

Study or practice it will give you the clear concept.

Be positive.

You can do.

On this fine day, I have taken a strong step in order to dispel your confusion.

It is a very strong part of Vocabulary which will give you the way to use the words properly in sentences.

Let's get started:

1. Accident, incident

Accident means an unpleasant and unexpected event happened especially in vehicles but Incident means any event or happening.

Let's see:

-He died in a road accident last year.

- My father died in an accident last year.

- It is a memorable incident of my life.

- The incident is really memorable.


2. Admit, confess

Admit means to acknowledge but Confess means to own one's fault.

Let's see:

-We admit that she is intelligent.

- He confesses his fault.


3. Allow, permit

Allow means to let somebody or something do but Permit means to agree to something or to make something possible.

Let's see:

- The doctor did not allow me to eat sweets.

- The police permitted me to go home.


4. Alter, change

Alter means to change a part of something but Change means to replace.

Let's see:

- The principal altered the rules of the college.

- I changed my school last year.

- Change your shirt.


5. Answer, reply

Answer is to a question or a person but Reply is to a letter, charge or a statement.

Let's see:

- You have given a wrong answer to this question.

- Try to answer the questions correctly.

- You did not reply to my letter.


6. Artist, artisan

An artist creates works art, painting or drawing, but a artisan does skilled work making things with hands.

Let's see:

- He is a graphic artist.

- The carpenter is an expert artisan.

- My brother is an artist and he created a famous painting.


7. Ancient, old

Ancient means to belong to a period of history or having existed for a long time, but Old means 'not new'.

Let's see:

- Women were highly respected in ancient India.

- My bicycle is old.

- He has a old bike.


8. Revenge, avenge

Revenge means to punish a person who makes you suffer , but Avenge means to punish a person who makes others suffer.

Let's see:

- He revenged on his enemy.

- He slapped me, I will revenge on him very soon.

- I will avenge my father's murder.

- He slapped my mother, I will avenge him tomorrow.


9. Battle, war

Battle is a single fight specially between armies, ships or planes, but War is a series of battles especially among the countries or groups of people.

Let's see:

- The first battle of Terrain was fought in 1192 A.D.

- In the middle Ages England waged on France.


10. Big, great

Big implies size, but great implies splendour.

Let's see:

- This is a big box.

- This a big shirt.

- He is a great man

- Mahatma Gandhi is a great man.


11. Crime, sin

Crime means the activities that involve breaking the law, but Sin means to break the rules of religion.

Let's see:

- Murder is a crime.

- To be an atheist is a sin.

- Patricide is both crime and sin.


12. Bring, fetch

Bring means to come to a place with something or somebody, but Fetch means to go somewhere and bring something or somebody back.

Let's see:

- Do not forget to bring your new camera.

- Don't forget to bring your new bag.

- Fetch me a glass of hot milk.

- Please fetch me a stick, because I need it.

13. Deny, refuse

Deny means to say that something is not true, but Refuse means to reject or not to oblige.

Let's see:

- She denied that she loved me.

- I denied that I told a lie.

- He refused to do the work.

- I refused to do the work , because I don't like it.


14. Elder, older

Elder is used for members of the same family while Older means to compare age.

Let's see:

- He is my elder brother.

- She is my elder sister.

- He is older than I by four years.

- I am three years older than Rajen.


15. Hear, listen

Hear means simple function of hearing but listen means to hear attentively.

Let's see:

- Can you hear me?

- I heard his voice.

- Please listen to me.

- Please listen to his words.


16. Drown, sink

Drown means to die under water, but Sink means to go down below the surface or towards the bottom of liquid.

Let's see:

- He drowned after falling into the river.

- His son drowned in the river last month.

- The boat sank to the bottom of the river.

- The ship sank to the bottom of the sea.


17. Swim, float

Swim for animate things , but Float is for inanimate things.

Let's see:

- He is a good swimmer.

- He had been swimming in the pond.

- Iron does not float on water.

- Wood floats on water.


18. Famous, notorious

Famous is for good sense, but Notorious carries a bad sense.

Let's see:

- He is famous for his intelligence.

- He is a famous actor.

- He is a notorious man whom all hate.

- He is a notorious gambler.


Ultimate Solution:

1. Make 10 sentences with above cited words.

2. Try to use the sentences while speaking or writing.

3. Whenever you read English, pay attention to those words and find out the actual meaning.

4. Never give up.

5. Try to use properly.


This is about Similar Words Distinguished.


Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website