Questions And Answers

A Very Easy Way to Answer Various Questions

Hi, friends.

Have you ever asked a question to yourself?

It is- Who am I?

You may ask. The answer is - I am.....

But, I agree? No, never. I dare to say, you are a piece of gold. How? You have immense power to make yourself as precious as gold. You can do a lot. You can do the great deeds. Make your will-power strong and you will become a star. So, it is very easy for you to learn this topic which I have taken.

Questions And Answers

Now, I am going to help you so that you can find an easy way to answer various questions.

This topic will help you in Spoken English as well.

Let's get started:


Using 'Who':

1. Who are you?

- I am Jane.

2. Who is your father?

- Mr. Patel is my father.

3. Who is your principal?

- Mr Bora. is our principal.

4. Who is your headmaster?

- Mr Talukdar is our headmaster.

5. Who is there at the door?

- It is I, Raj.

6. Who teaches you Hindi?

- Mr Das teaches you Hindi.

7. Who is the father of nation?

- Mahatma Gandhi is the father of nation.

8. Who broke my glass?

- Rahim broke my glass.

9. Who has a new car?

- John has a new car.

10. Who did it?

- He did it.


Using 'What':

1. What is your name?/What's your name?

- My name is Jain.

2. What is your father?

- My father is a doctor.

3. What are you?

- I am a student.

4. What time is it?

- It is half past four.

5. What day is it to-day?

- It is Sunday.

6. What day was it yesterday?

- It was Tuesday.

7. What class are you in?

- I am in class V.

8. What class is he in?

- He is in class V.

9. What are you doing?

I am reading.

10. What day will it be tomorrow?

- It will be Wednesday.

11. What do you want?

- I want a pen.

12. What game do you like most?

- I like football.

13. What is a pen for?

- It is to write with.

14. What is that red building?

- It is the Red Fort.

15. What colour is your shirt?

- It is yellow.

16. What colour is your trouser?

- It is black.

17. What is she to you?

- She is my sister.

18. What is he to you?

- He is my brother.

19. What brings you here?

- I have come to meet your brother.

20. What makes you cry?

- His accident makes me cry.

21. What makes you laugh?

- I laugh at his funny dress.

22. What do you write with?

 - I write with a pen.


Using 'Whom':

1. Whom do you want to meet?

- I want to meet your sister.

2. Whom do you want to talk to?

- I want to talk to your father.

3. Whom should I talk to about it?

- You should talk to me about it.

4. Whom does this table belong to?

- It belongs to me.

5. Whom are you looking for?

- I am looking for Shyamol.


Using ' Whose'

1. Whose son are you?

- I am Mr Chaudhuri's son.

2. Whose daughter are you?

- I am Mr Das's daughter.

3. Whose book is this?

- It is mine.

4. Whose glass did you breake?

- It was Mohesh's.


Using 'Which':

1. Which school do you attend?

- I attend......

2. Which class are you in?

- I am in Class V.

3. Which of the two sisters is prettier?

- Shyamontika is prettier of the two.

4. Which country do you live in?

- I live in India.

5. Which village do you live in?

- I live at Dimoruguri.

6. Which is your favourite game?

- Football is my favourite game.

7. Which is your favourite subject?

- English is my favourite subject.


Using 'Where':

1. Where do you live?

- I live in Mumbai.

2. Where does he live?

- He lives in London.

3. Where are you going?

- I am going to town.

4. Where were you yesterday?

- I was at Nagaon.

5. Where is your book?

- It is there in the box.

6. Where is your pen?

- It is here in my pocket.

7. Where will pass the Durga Puja?

- At Puranigudam.

8. Where will you wait for me?

- At market.

9. Where did you put the book?

- It was there in the bag.

10. Where will you play?

- In the field.


Using 'Why':

1. Why do you want it?

- Because, I need it.

2. Why did he fail?

- Because, he did not do well.

3. Why did he fail in exam?

- Because, he was ill and under treatment.

4. Why should we take exercise regularly?

- To keep fit and active.

5. Why are you late?

- On the way, I met my friend was talking to him.

6. Why is the child crying?

- Because, it crying.

7. Why didn't you present?

- Because, I was out of station.

8. Why are you lying on bed?

- Because, I am suffering from fever.

9. Why don't you want to do it?

- Because, it is difficult for me.

10. Why are you reading this book?

- Because,this is my favourite book.


Using 'How':

1. How are you?

- I am fine.

2. How are you?

- I am quite well.

3. How old are you?

- I am 40 years old.

4. How do you feel here?

- Quite at home.

5. How do you feel now?

- I feel better now.

6. How do you come to school now?

- By bicycle.

7. How have you got here?

- By scooty.

Part- 9

Using ' How many' and 'How much':

1.How many brothers have you got?

- I have three brothers.

2. How many brothers are you got?

- We are four brothers.

3. How many days are there in a week?

- There are seven days in a week.

4. How many days make a week.?

- Seven./ Seven days make a week.

5. How many months are there in a year?

- There are 12 months in a year.

6. How many months make a year?

- 12./ Twelve months make a year.

7. How many students are there in your class?

- There are 50 students in our class.

8. How many students does your class have?

- It has 30 students.

9. How often a day do you take coffee?

- Once a day.

10. How often a day do you take tea~

- Twice a day.

11. How far is your school from your house?

- About 5 kilometres.

12. How many bananas can you take at a time?

- Three.

13. How much milk do you take at a time?

- Half a little.

14. How much rice are there in the tin?

- There are 10 kilograms rice in the tin.


Using 'How long':

1. How long can you swim?

- For half an hour.

2. How long have you been here?

- For 12 years.

3. How long have you been standing here?

- For 2 hours.

4. How long will you stay here?

- For two days.

5. How long will you do the work?

- For two hours.


Using 'When':

1. When did you go to America?

- Last year.

2. When did you meet him?

- Last year.

3. When were you born?

- In 1980.

4. When do you get up?

- At 6 a.m.

5. When does your school start?

- At 9 a.m.

6. When is your school over?

- At 3 p.m.

7. When will your exam begin?

- On Tuesday next.

8. When will you return my books?

- After 4 days.

9. When should I come~

-Next month.

10. When should I go there?

- Tomorrow.

11. When will you see me again?

- Next week.

12. When will you meet me?

- On Wednesday next.

13. When are you going there?

- In the evening.


Using 'Short From':

1. Do you feel better?

-Yes, I do.

- No, I don't.

2. Are you in time?

- Of course.

- No, I am late by 20 minutes.

3. Is he honest?

-Yes, he is.

- No, he isn't.

4. Are you afraid of him?

-Yes, I am.

- No, not at all.

5. Do you know her?

- Yes, I do.

- No, I don't.

6. Can you hear me?

- Yes, I can.

- No, I can't.

7. Could you do the work?

- Yes, I could.

- No, I couldn't.

8. May I take your book?

- Yes, very gladly.

9. Would you have a cup of tea?

- Yes, I'd have.

- No, thanks.

10. Would you dine with me?

- Why not, with pleasure.


An Ultimate solution:

Now, practice with these questions:

1. Are you a student?

2. Is he really an expert driver?

3. Can you sing well?

4. Is he seriously I'll?

5. Is it fine today?

6. Do you smoke?

7. Can you swim?

8. What about you?

9. Are you going?

10. Who is he?

11. How have got the place?

12. Where are you now?

This is about Questions And Answers.

Read and practice.

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