Phrasal Verbs With 'Set'

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Phrasal Verbs With 'Set'.

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First of all, what is the meaning of Set?

It means in different ways. Some of them are -

1. To put in a particular position.

- She set the T.V. on the big table yesterday.

2. To cause to be in a particular state.

- My manner set everyone at their ease.

3. To become firm or hard.

- You should leave the concrete set for three hours.

4. To fix.

- They told us to set a date for their wedding.

Now, come to the point.

Phrasal Verbs

1. Set against: to make oppose.                                   

- I accused my sister of setting her son against her.

- They accused me of setting my daughter against her father.


2. Set apart: to make better or different.

- My song sets me from other singers.

- His book sets him from other writers.


3. Set aside: to save money, to disregard.

- My father advised me to set aside some money every month.

- Whenever he met misfortune, I tried to help him setting aside my needs.


4. Set back: to delay the progress.

- I had to start my work again, because the bad weather set back it.

- The scorching sun set back his work.


5. Set down: to stop (vehicle) and get off.

- The passengers were set down and picked up every day.

- The passengers were set down , because the tyre of the bus got punctured.


6. Set forth: to start a journey, to make something known, to explain or describe something, to make easier to understand.

- We set forth at 6 p.m.

- She set forth her ideas.

- The famous actor set forth his views in a television broadcast.


7. Set in: to begin and seem likely to continue.

- Look at the sky, the rain seems to have set in for the day.


8. Set off: to begin a journey.

- We set off for America just after one hour.

- They set off for Delhi at 9p.m.


9. Set on: to attack somebody suddenly.

- As soon as I opened the gate , the dog set on me.

- When he arrived here, my dog rushed towards him to set on.


10. Set out: to leave and start a journey, to begin a job or task with an aim, to present ideas.

- I set out for London last year.

- She set out to break his record.

- The officer set out the reasons for his resignation.


11. Set to: to start to do something in a determined or energetic way.

- After the half yearly exam, my daughter set to study again.

- After his failure, he set to work to succeed.


12. Set about: to start to do or deal with something in vigour.

- I don't know how to set about the changing.

- I think you set about it the proper way.


13. Set up: to provide somebody with money while they need, to make stronger, to arrange for something to happen.

- The loan helped to set me up in business two years ago.

- The break from the business set me up for the new work.

- You should set up a meeting to solve your problem.

This is about -Phrasal Verb With 'Set'.

 An Ultimate Solution:

1. Make five sentences with each Phrasal Verb.

2. Use them while speaking as well writing.

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