Only One Word Can Help You To Start Spoken English

An Ultimate Solution That Will Enable You To Speak English.

Hi, guys.

As Robert Burton says, 'A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword.'

The very powerful means of expressing your ideas and thoughts are your words. You can deserve the first result of doing something by dint of the action of your words.

But, today I am going to present you only one word which will enable you to start to speak English.

Before you start, you have to do:

1. Make your will-power strong.

2. Take the strong resolution to speak.

3. Communicate with your well-wishers, because they will support you.

After starting, you have to do:

1. with continuous effort.

2. with curiosity.


As Stevie Wonder says, 'We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.'

Friends, please believe that you do have ability. Now, this is the high time to use your ability as I am with you as your well-wisher.

Let's go hand in hand:

Look at the moon; it is smiling, it is always ready to welcome us. You cannot deny that the moon is always ready to help you. Please feel it.

The only word that I am going to say is like the moon. The word is ready to welcome and help as well. Then, why will you retreat? Why will you not rush towards the word?

I hope deeply that you are about to rush towards it. The word is-'Yes'.

How will this word help you to start Spoken English.

Only 3 tips for you:

1.       On the first day, use - Yes only once while talking to your friends in your mother tongue. Remember, this is  the only word which can help one to speak English easily.

After talking, you should feel that you have spoken English with one word and you have to add one or two more new words to Yes.

2.  Next day, use these sentences adding new words to Yes. They are:

    1. Yes, you’re right.

    2. Yes, I know.

    3. Yes, I'll try.

    4. Yes, I'll try my best

Do this for 3 days continuously.

3.  fter 3 days, use - 'But' in your sentences.

     You can use the sentences depending on the sense of your well-wishers such as :

1. Yes, I know, but I have to try hard.

2. Yes, I know, but you should help me.

3. Yes I can do, but I'll start after 4 days.

Important to know:

1. Make 20 sentences using 'But' and 'If' which you use in conversation.

2. It will help you to make new sentences while talking.

 4. The Ultimate Solution To Speak More:

1. Listen to conversation per day.

2. Pick out some simple sentences from the conversation.

3. Try to use the sentences which you pick out from the conversation.

4. Talk per day.

5. Involve in Spoken English completely.

6. Never give up.


Thank you for being a valuable reader of our website.