Only One Tense Can Make You Speak English

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Morning shows the day.If you can make your starting strong,you can never find a debilitating impact.But, my company is always with you and this article will help you in,

1. Spoken English.

2. Fluent English.

3. Everyday spoken English Sentences.

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The Simple Present Tense always welcomes you to the Fluent English Speaking.

Now, please accept 4 tips with Simple Present Tense which will enable you to speak with a friend.

1.     First day, use only one sentence which is in Simple Present Tense. It is:

     How are you?

    Then listen to the answer. When your friends will ask you,

    'How do you do? /What's up?', answer the way your friend spoke.

2.     Second day, ask a question in the same tense. It is, ‘What is your hobby?'

     Listen to his answer.

     When your friend will ask the same question to you, try to answer the way your      

     friend gave.

     But, change only the hobby, because your hobby may be different from him/her.

 You can say,

1. I love reading.

2. I like shopping.

3. I love music.

3.  Third day, advise your friend in the same tense.

     You can use these sentences:

1. Do it well.

2. Mind your business.

3. Take exercise regularly.

4. Go on a proper diet.

4.  Fourth day, invite him to your place and say:

1. You are welcome to our place.

2. We will go to a park.

3. Do come. Otherwise I 'll miss you.


Remember, in Everyday Spoken English Sentences, only one tense is needed. It is, Simple Present Tense.

       Now, Help of Pronunciation:

1.’H' is silent in the words-

    what, which, where, why, when..

2. Use the contractions:

    I'm (I am)

    He's (he is/he has)

    I'll (he will)

    I've (I have)

    I won't (I will not)

    I shan't (I shall not)

 Key to Succeed:

1. Be an active listener.

2. Use the sentences you listen depending on situation.

3. Talk to for 1/2 hours per day.


1. Don't speak fast as a beginner.

2. Don't take your mistakes over seriously, because to err is human.

3. Don't show that you lack confidence.

4. Think that you should improve yourself.

 These are the ways to start to enter Spoken English or Fluent English.

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