Must or Should?

It's about Must vs Should or the Difference between Must and Should.

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1. The Difference between Must and Should.

2. Must Meaning.

3. Should Meaning.

Now, Must or Should?

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Must Meaning!

Yes, must means:

1. It is necessary.

2. Used to show that something is necessary or very important.

 Let's see:

1. To-day, fish must be cooked, I have become weak.

2. You must show the letter to me, because I have to know something.

3. Your mother is ill, you must see her.

4. I must reach there to meet him.

5. The work must be done, because it will become a turning point in your life.

6. You must study 10 hours per day, because the examination is getting closer.

Be Positive.

Immerse in it.

But, Should Meaning?

What does Should mean?

Is it difficult? No, never.

Let's move on:

Should- it means,

1. Used to show that something is better or best to do.

2. Used to ask or say what the correct thing to do.

Let's see:

 1. I should practice well.

 2. Your sister should be ashamed of herself for doing so.

 3. I think, you should leave this place now.

 5. You should know that he is a big gun, because he can help you.

 6. We should know that knowledge is power.

This is about Must vs Should where you have found the Difference between Must and Should.

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