Medical English Vocabulary: A Strong Part Of Vocabulary

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How are you? I hope you are fine. I am also well. On this fine day ,I have taken am interesting but exceptional topic to you which will help you to understand the Medical English Vocabulary. As the Nurses and Medical Professionals use this strong part of Vocabulary-Medical English Vocabulary, you will find it easy while dealing with the Medical Department. So, this topic will give you:

1. Basic Medical Vocabulary.

2. The easier way to understand the English of Nurses and Medical Professionals.

3. The meaning of the Vocabulary.

4. The examples of Basic Medical Vocabulary.

 Let's move on:  

1. Abnormal (not normal for the human body)-This amount of weight is abnormal for you.


2. Ache (pain that won't go away)- My father can't sleep soundly as his knees ache.


3. Acute (quick to become severely)- As the doctor said, the baby felt acute pain.


4. Amputate (to remove a limb)- As the doctors said, they would have to amputate the left

    leg of  the boy because the infection was spreading quickly.


5. Benign (not harmful)- We are sure that the lump in your breast is benign.


6. Breech (a position of a unborn baby in which the feet are down and the head is up)- As the    

    doctor says, it is a breech birth.


7. Chemotherapy (type of treatment used on cancer patients)- I have already had three

     rounds of chemotherapy.


8. Umbilical cord (the lifeline from the mother to the fetus)- The umbilical fetus was

     wrapped around the baby's neck.


9. Boil (infected swelling with liquid inside it)- Please go to the doctor to have the boil     

      lanced .


10. Rash (allergic reaction which makes your skin go red)- Consult a doctor for your rash,   

      otherwise it will become severe.


Friends, these are the Basic Medical Vocabulary.

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