Loose, Lose, Loss And Lost

It's about Loose, Lose, Loss and Lost.

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On this fine day, I am going to show the meanings and Parts of Speech of Loose, Lose, Loss and Lost.

To understand clearly, first you should know the Parts Of  Speech of those words. Secondly, you have to know the meanings. Third, you should read the examples. Only involve in it.

Remember, if you don't know the Parts Of Speech, you will not able to use them in a sentence properly. Only the meanings cannot help you to write a sentence in a correct pattern. You will be in confusion while writing and speaking.

Let's get started:

Loose - (Adjective)

It means, not tight or fitting closely to the body.

Let's see:

1. I don't put on this shirt, because it is loose for me.

2. You have bought a loose shirt, please return it.

3. This is a loose garment; I don't want to put on it.

4. Do you not know that his trouser is loose?

5. You gave me a loose frock. How can I put on such a loose shirt?

6. Don't give me the loose shirt.

Lose - (Verb)

It means, to be unable to find or to no longer have, to have something or somebody taken away as a result of an accident, dying etc.

Let's see-

1. My pen has been lost.

2. He lost my bicycle last year.

3. I bought a bag yesterday, but my son has lost it to-day.

4. Though he lost my pen, he gave his pen to write the answer.

5. He knew that my purse had been lost.

6. She lost her car.

7. She lost her little son in the crowd.

8. I have lost my father.

9. He lost his left hand in the accident.

10. Many people lost their lives in the terrible accident.

11. The ship was lost at sea.

12. The family lost everything.

13. The boat was lost by them.

 Some other examples:

            1. Our company has lost a lot of business to its competitors.

2. He will lose his money if he ignores me.

3. Sit down right now or you will lose your seat.

4. The child seemed to have lost interest in the game.

5. He lost by 50 votes.

6. My business is losing money.

7. There's no time to lose.

8. You are going to lose your profit.

Now, how to pronounce these words (loose, lose)?

It is simple.

In these words, the vowel sounds are same, they are long vowel sounds. The lips should be rounded.

The difference is in 's'.

In 'loose', the sound of 's' is 's' but in 'lose' the sound of 's' is 'z'.

The sound of 'l' is same.

Loss -(Noun)

It means the state of no longer having.

Let's see:

1. The flood caused a heavy loss in the village two years ago.

2. When his father died, he was filled with a sense of loss.

3. His departure is a big loss for me.

4. The teacher will be a great loss to the school.

5. It will be your loss if you cannot arrived at this place.

6. Your absence is a loss here.

As an Idiom:

At a loss - (not knowing what to do or say)


1. I was at a loss.

2. He was at a loss what to do next.

3. When he arrived, I was at a loss.

4. I was confused. At the same moment, he was also at a loss.

5. When I was at a loss, he advised me what to do.

6. When he faced the problem, he was at a loss.

As Stevie Wonder says, 'We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.'

I am sure that you have ability. Now, try your best. You can, you will be able.

Lost - (Verb, past and past participle forms of 'lose')

Let's see:

1. He has lost his pen

2. We have lost our father.

3. He lost his mother last year.

4. We have lost a big profit.

5. She is lost in the crowd.

6. The child was lost yesterday.

An Ultimate Solution:

I am going to write 4 paragraphs. In the paragraphs, try to find the Parts of Speech of those words.

1.  My father was seriously ill. I lost him last month. It was a great lost for me in life.It pained me  


2.  I was running a business. A flood inundated our village. It caused a heavy loss in my business. It    

    caused a heavy loss for all the people as well. The loss was so heavy that it took one year to start my business again.

3.  It was the Rangali Bihu. My father purchased two dresses for me from the Visual Market. I was

    over the moon. But, my mind was dampened a little. One of the dresses was loose for me. I didn't put on the loose dress. I asked my father to return it. After sometime, my elder brother came to me and asked me for the loose dress, because he wanted to put on it. He also liked the dress.

4.  Last year I lost my pen. My father was so strict that he bought a pen for me after 7 days. For the   

 days, I borrowed a pen from my friend.

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