Importance of Vocabulary

Hi, friends.

Do you know how much impact your words have?

Yes, it is much more.

Your words are effective?

Yes, it is.

But, if you feel the Importance of Vocabulary deeply, you will get richer in Vocabulary. Your words will play a great role in communication. Then, what will happen? Your communication will be fruitful. Then, why cannot give importance to Vocabulary?

I hope deeply that you love or like Vocabulary.

But, I am always with you to help.

Be positive. Nothing is impossible.

Man can do everything.

So, on this fine day I have taken this topic which is very important and will give you:

1. Introduction of Vocabulary.

2. Importance of Vocabulary-Building.

3. Synonym.

4. Antonym.

5. Polysemy.

6. Homophones

Let's get started:


As we express our thoughts and feelings through words, words are the most powerful means of expressing thoughts and feelings which is starkly real. It is very important to know, successful communication consists in effective words. So, Vocabulary plays an important role in communication. Using words effectively does not mean using high - sounding and obscure words in speech or writing. It means to use right words so that it can carry a good result.

Importance of Vocabulary:

It can't be denied, in order to express ideas and thoughts clearly one needs a good as well as appropriate Vocabulary. If one doesn't have the power of Vocabulary, one fails to express ideas and thoughts. As a consequence, he feels hesitation or nervous while communicating. Communication goes in vain. One may be disappointed to talk more. One may be embarrassed. One won't be able to face different situations. Then, low Vocabulary becomes an obstacle. So, using appreciates Vocabulary or words are important to get the desired result.

Where there is proper use of words, there is effective communication.

Remember, every problem has a solution.

The solution is,

1. Read grammar books.

2. Listen to conversation.

3. Listen to interviews.

4. Listen to the interview with a celebrity.

5. Practice using the right words.

6. Study phrases and idioms as well.


1. Increasing the number of new words properly and intelligently will help you to communicate   

    effectively. Then, you will have more power to build your Vocabulary.

2. Apart from this, you need to know the pronunciation as it is the backbone of a language.    

    Mispronouncing will give others misconception.

3. Intonation is needed. Because, bad or improper tune will give bad impression. It can't give the     proper  expression. It will influence on your personality as well.

Now, how will you build your Vocabulary?

Some tips:


1. Synonyms

2. Antonyms

3. Polysemy.

4. Homophone and so on.

Let's see:

Synonym is what?

It is simple.

Synonyms are the words which have the same or nearly same meanings.

For example:


loose - free, flexible

slack - movable, inexact

do- act

tell - say, inform

say - speak

Remember, they show same meanings or nearly same meanings, but the use of them is different. So, be conscious while using them. Study hard o through examples.

Let's see:

Cool- it gives comfort.

Suppose, it is summer. The wind is blowing. Then say,’ I feel cool.' It means, the wind makes you feel comfort.

But, Cold- it gives you discomfort. In winter, if the wind blows, then say,’ I feel cold.' Because it gives you discomfort.

Never give the Importance to meaning only. It is better to give importance to the use.

2. Antonyms:

The Antonyms show opposite meaning.

For example: good - bad

absence- presence

back - front


1. Make sentences with Antonyms.

2. Use in conversation.

3. Use in writing.

3. Polysemy:

Polysemy is what?

Nothing is difficult. You should be positive and try to know. Be curious.

It means-

A word that has different meanings.

For example:

1. I wanted to light a fire.

2. The box is light, you can lift it.

In first sentence, Light is used as a Verb.

In the second sentence, Light is used as an Adjective.

4. Homophone:

It is simple.

Home means same.

Phone means Sound.

Homophone is a pair of words that has same pronunciation but different spellings or meanings.

 Let's see:


Flour - flower

Remember, Homophone will make your pronunciation better and better.

Piece- Give me a piece of cake.

Peace- I want peace in my life.

But, ‘it is a piece of cake' means what?

It is different.

It means- It is very easy.

Friends, this about the Importance of Vocabulary.