How To Talk About Crime? A Part Of Spoken English

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Before knowing the way of talking about crime, you should know some important phrases or words which will help you in conversation.

Be positive.

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Let's see:

1. Get arrested for.

2. Be accused of.

3. Be convicted of.

4. Witness.

5. Be a victim of.

6. Mugging(robbing someone by threating with a gun or knife)

7. Assault.

8. Sexual harassment.

9. Shoplifting(stealing something from a shop)

10. Trespassing.

If you try to use these phrases and words in your sentences while talking , it will help you to become a good English speaker.

Let's move on:

Now, the Ways To Talk About Crime

A very simple way:

Jill: How was your trip , John.

John: It was good. But, after reaching my uncle's house all the members looked upset. My grandmother was weeping. At the same time, I found everything was messed up. They said that their house had been burgled.

Jill: Oh! no.

John: Yeah. My aunty was also weeping.

Jill: I'm so sorry to hear that. How did it happen?

John: I didn't know exactly. They informed the police.

Jill: May be, the police will take an action.

John: May be.

A Suggestion:

First , try to understand this conversation. Try to get the way of using the sentences in different senses. Then, make the sentences yourselves in different ways by using the different words or phrases while talking.

It is a bright idea to become richer in Spoken English. Try , please.

Now, I am going to show a help box which is the key to the use of proper words or phrases in Spoken English.You will find there the meanings as well.

Help   Box

1. assassination: killing a public figure.

- It was not possible for me to survive a number of assassination attempts.

- The president could not get rid of the assassination attempts. In fine, he was killed.

- No one could save him from the assassination attempts.

- The secretary survived a number of assassination attempts. 

2. assault: the crime of attacking somebody physically, the act of attacking a building, an area etc. to take control of it.

- I knew that both men were charged with assault last year.

- Both brothers were charged with assault.

- An assault on the town was launched in the evening.

- The assault on the city was too terrible .

- The indecent assault on women went unreported.

3. abduction: to kidnap, the act of taking somebody illegally by using force. 

- How sad! There was a series of abduction of children from the three villages for two years.

-  Do you know that his father was charged with abduction?

- He was charged in connection with her abduction two years ago

- The abduction of the girl  caused her mother's severe illness.

4. Burglary: housebreaking, the crime of entering a building illegally and stealing  things,home invasion.

- It shocked all that a 10 year-old boy committed a burglary in June.

- You know that there were a lot of burglaries in the village two years ago.

- They had been questioning by police for two hours about the burglary.

- Six young boys in the town have been victims of burglary.

5. Cybercrime: illegal activity that is done by using internet or computer.

- The battle against cybercrime will remain unending.

- The cybercrime had threatened the company greatly.

- The cybercrime has caused a heavy loss.

- Cybercrime constitutes a lot of crime.

6. Drunk driving: the crime of driving with too much alcohol.

- He was arrested for drunk driving three years ago.

- His father was arrested for drunk driving last year.

- He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

- All of them were arrested for drunk driving.

7. Espionage: the practice of spying, the action of secretly collection.

- Five 25-year-old boys were accused of engaging in espionage against the rival firm.

- They were charged with several counts of espionage.

- The authorities have arrested three boys suspected of espionage.

8. Hijacking: taking control of a plane or a train by force.

- The government adopted strong measures in order to prevent hijacking.

- Do you know there have been a series of hijackings recently in the city.

- Police has arrested them, because they are accused of hijackings.

9.Lynching: the act of killing someone without a legal process.

- Three writers wrote about the travesty of racially motivated lynching.

- The lynching of two soldiers was reported three years ago.

- These are the shocking images of lynching.

- I was shocked at the image of lynching.

10. Perjury: lying in court while taking oath.

- They were sentenced to two years in jail for committing perjury.

- The witness has committed perjury.

- The witness was tempted to commit perjury.


1. Listen to conversation on crime.

2. Try to understand the Vocabulary and Phrases on crime.

This is about How To Talk About Crime.

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