How To Communicate In Different Situations

Hi, friends.

Do you face problems while communicating in different situations? May be, but I have taken this topic in order to enable you to communicate in different situations.

Here is a list of guidelines for you where you can find the Ultimate Solution to communicate.

Let's get started:

1. Face-to- Face:

Your should response in a simple and direct way matching your non-verbal cues with what you say. While doing so, you have to use your gestures aiming at giving positive impression. If you are disagree with him, say so using appreciate language while you should focus on the topic only.

2. Public Speaking:

It is important to know, articulate clearly as you will be speaking to people. It is better to use audio-visual aids to support.

Avoid long-winded sentences. Make eye-contact to everybody. Modulate your voice while delivering a speech. Do not show impatient even if the audience asks questions. Answer as well as treat them with respect.

3. Group Discussion:

In this, interaction occurs in a group of people where information is exchanged. No one is assigned to play the role of a leader. One must be sensitive to the group dynamics. Each one must get a chance to speak and express their thoughts and feelings. Your body language should show interests and openness to the discussion.

4. Interview:

It is usually a job interview. You will encounter direct questions, open-ended questions and closed questions. Depending on the nature of the interview, you should play the role.

When you use the interview method, you should keep in mind -

 1. Do not enter an argument or lengthy discussion.

 2. To understand the question, it should be repeated or rephrased.

5. Meetings:

First, you should follow the protocol of the meeting. Use simple language while delivering--the purpose of the meeting and explaining why the participants are present or their role in the meeting. Ensure that everyone should get the chance to speak.

If you are chairing the meeting, you have to close the meeting  with an appropriate summary.

Thank everyone for attending.

This is about How to Communicate in Different Situations.