Enough or Sufficient

Hi, friends.

Do you know The Difference between Enough and Sufficient?

Yes, you do. But, sometimes you find difficult to use them in a sentence. So, on this fine day I have taken this topic which will give you the clear concept of:

1. Enough vs Sufficient.

2. The difference between Enough and Sufficient.

3. Enough meaning.

4. Sufficient meaning.

5. The use of Enough and Sufficient.

6. Synonym of Enough.

7. Synonym of Sufficient.

First, be positive.

Let's get started:

Only one difference will make your concept very clear.

 Enough - it means,

1. as much as is necessary.

2. as much as.

3. more than wanted.

 Let's see:

1. Half an hour is quite enough for me.

2. I have got enough homework to do.

3. Do you have enough to eat?

4. You have eaten more than enough. It is harmful.

5. I have enough to eat.


But, Sufficient meaning?

It simple.

Sufficient means,

1. Enough for a particular purpose.


Let's see:

1. I have sufficient evidence to accuse him.

2. He had sufficient money to go to America.

3. Jack has sufficient proofs to show him as innocent.

4. We have got sufficient support from him to solve the big problem.

5. Lighting level should be sufficient for my photography.

Friends, these meanings and examples will help you to know The Use of  Enough and  Sufficient.

Now, the Part of Speech of Enough and Sufficient?

It is simple. They are:

1. Enough - Determiner, Pronoun, Adverb., Adjective.


2. Sufficient- Adjective, Determiner.

(Sufficiently- Adverb)

Now, what are the Synonyms of Enough and Sufficient?

It is simple.

The Synonyms of Enough are:

abundant, adequate, full, suitable, acceptable, bountiful...

The Synonyms of Sufficient are:

adequate, enough, ample, satisfactory..

This is the easiest way to understand the Use of Enough and Sufficient which had given you the concept of Enough vs Sufficient as well as the meanings of Enough and Sufficient.


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