Direct Speech And Indirect Speech Examples:Part-2

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I have shown the examples of Speech(Narration) in Direct Speech And Indirect Speech: Part-1.

In that part, the examples were on Direct Speech to Indirect Speech.

But, to-day I am going to show on Indirect Speech to Direct Speech.

Let's get started:

1. Raju told her that he would see her the following day.

- Raju said to her, ' I shall see you tomorrow.'

2. He said that it was very hot that day.

-He said, ' It is very hot today.'

3. The man said that he had visited that place two years before.

- The man said, ' I visited this place two years ago.'

3. Krishna said that his certificates were enclosed therewith the application form.

- Krishna said, ' My certificates are enclosed herewith the application form.'

5. The teacher told me that I might see him the next day.

- The teacher said to me, '  You may see me tomorrow.'

6. My friend said that he would visit Agra.

- My friend said, ' I shall visit Agra.'

7. Seema said that it was hot and stuffy that night.

- Seema said, ' It is hot and stuffy this night.'

8. Shyam said that his father had died three years before.

- Shyam said, ' My father died three years ago.'

9.He ordered him to leave the room and forbade him to return.

- He said to him, ' Leave the room and don't return.'

10. She inquired if he was quite well again.

- She said, ' Is he quite well again?'

11. The woman told Suresh that he was a lazy boy.

- The woman said to Suresh, ' You are a lazy boy.'

12. He told me that he did not like my habits.

- He said to me, ' I do not like your habits.'

13. He told me that I am just like my father.

- He said to me, ' You are just like your father.'

14. He told his father that he would become a brave general one day.

- He said to his father, 'I shall become a general one day.'


He said, 'Father, I shall become a brave general one day.'

15. I told Beena that I would see her the following day.

- I said to Beena, 'I shall see her tomorrow.'

16. Kamal said that he was unwell that day.

- Kamal said, 'I am unwell to-day.'

17. My father told me that I didn't look cheerful.

- My father said to me, 'You don't look cheerful.'

18. He said that honesty is the best policy.

- He said, 'Honesty is the best policy.'

19. They say that they are  going to Shillong in summer.

- They say, 'We are coming to Shillong in summer.'

20. Shyam told him that he knew him and his brother well.

- Shyam said to him, 'I know you and your brother well.'

21. She told her mother that she would have to leave for Mumbai the following week.

- She said to her mother, 'I shall have to leave for Mumbai next week.'

22. Ram said that he had been to Mumbai several times.

- Ram said, 'I have been to Mumbai several times.'

23. He asked me if he should open the window.

- He said to me, 'Should I open the window?'

24. The stranger asked the man if he could tell him the way to the nearest inn.

- The stranger said to the man, 'Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?'

25. I asked Ratul if he would go with us for a picnic.

- I said, 'Will you come with us for a picnic?'

26. The teacher asked Ramen why he was late.

- The teacher said to Ramen, 'Why are you late?'

27. Reena asked Ratul why he had broken her slate.

- Reena said to Ratul, 'Why have you broken my slate?'


Reena said to Ratul, 'Why did you break my slate?'

28. He asked me how I had done that.

- He said to me, 'How have you done this?'

29. The police asked the thief why he did not speak the truth.

- The police said to the thief, 'Why do you not speak the truth?'

30. He proposed to his friends that they should have an outing.

- He said to his friends, 'Let us have an outing.'

31. She advised her son no to waste his time.

- She said, 'Do not waste your time, my son.'

32. She requested him to lend her his book.

- She said to him, 'Please, lend me your book.'

33. He ordered his servant to fetch him water.

- He said to his servant, 'Fetch me water.'

34. I requested him not to walk fast.

- I said to him, 'Please , do not walk fast.'

35. The teacher ordered the pupils to stand up on the bench.

- The teacher said to the pupils, 'Stand up on the bench.'

36. The doctor advised the patient to take a dose of the medicine every three hours.

- The doctor said to the patient, 'Take a dose of the medicine every three hours.'

37. The doctor advised the patient to take more of milk and not to eat spiced things at all.

- The doctor said to the patient, 'Take more of milk and don't eat spiced things.'

38. She suggested to her friends that they should go to see a movie.

- She said to her friends, 'Let's go to see a movie.'

39. The saint prayed that God might pardon him.

- The saint said, 'May God pardon You.'

40. We wished that her soul might rest in peace.

- We said, 'May her soul rest in peace.'

41. He wished that he had been a king.

- He said, 'If I were a king.'

42. She wished that she had been a queen.

- She said, 'If I were a queen.'

43. He exclaimed in wonder that the baby was very lovable.

- He said, 'What a lovable baby!'

44. He exclaimed joyfully that he had won the race.

- He said, 'Hurrah! I have won the race.'

45. I wished Jack good morning.

- I said, 'Good morning, Jack.'

46. Premananda regretted that he had been very foolish.

- Premananda said, 'How foolish I have been!'

47. Reena exclaimed in wonder that the  scenery was very beautiful.

- Reena said, 'How beautiful the scenery is!'

48. The general applauded his mates saying that they had done well.

- The general said, 'Bravo! you have done well, my mates.'

49. He bade his friends good-bye.

- He said, 'Good- bye, my friends.'

50. She exclaimed in sorrow that her son was no more.

- She said, 'Alas! my son is no more.'


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