Direct Speech And Indirect Speech Examples: Part-1

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Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:

Assertive Sentences


1. The headmaster said, 'I am the head of this school and I shall not allow any indiscipline here.'

    - The headmaster said that he was the head of that school and he wouldn't allow any  

     indiscipline  there.

2. Jawaharlal Nehru said, 'My country is greater than anything else and I should do whatever I  

    can for  her progress.'

     - Jawaharlal Nehru said that his country was greater than anything else and he should do  

    whatever  he could for her progress.

3. Bimal said to her sister, 'I am going to Hyderabad to stay there with my uncle.'

    - Bimal told her sister that he was going to Hyderabad to stay there with his uncle.

4. People say, 'Akbar and Ashok are rulers and we want the like of them now.'

    - People say that Akbar and Ashok are ideal rulers and they want the like of them then.

5. Father said, 'This is the man whom I met yesterday.'

    - Father said that that was the man whom he had met yesterday.


Examples of Universal Truth:

(There is no change of Tense as the Reported Speech shows the Universe Truth)

1. Father said, 'Milk is white.'

    - Father said that milk is white.

2. The man said, 'The earth is round.'

    - The man said that the earth is round.

3. Bipul said, ' The sun is a bright star.'

     - Bipul said that the sun is a bright star.

4. He said, 'The flowers are lovely.'

    - He said that the flowers are lovely.

5. Euclid said, ' The sum of the three angles of a triangle is 180°.'

    - Euclid said that the sum of the three angles of a triangle is 180°.


Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:

Interrogative Sentences

1. The girl said to me,' Where is the nearest hotel.'

- The girl asked me where  the nearest hotel was.

2. He said to me, ' Will you come today.'

- He asked me whether I would go that day.

3. He said to me,' Who was born earlier, Galileo or Aristotle?'

- He asked me who, Galileo or Aristotle had been born earlier.

4. The conductor said to the passenger, ' Where do you want to go?'

- The conductor asked the passenger where he wanted to go.

5. My sister said to me, ' Can you help me in this work?'

- My sister asked me if I could help her in that work.

 Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:

Imperative Sentence

(ask, order, advise, suggest, warn, request or propose are used as Reporting Verb.)

1. The master said to the servant, 'Make my bed.'

- The master ordered the servant to make his bed.

2. The teacher said to the students, ' Stand up.'

- The teacher asked the students to stand up.

3. He said to the boys, ' Don't go out in the sun.'

- He advised the students not to go out in the sun.

4.  He said to me, ' Please do this work for me.'

- He requested me to do that work for him.

5. The doctor said to the patient, ' Take only liquid food for three days at least.'

- The doctor advised the patient to take only liquid food for three days at least.

6. Rani said to me, ' Let us go there.'

- Rani proposed me that we should go there.

7. He said to his son, ' Do not do like that.'

- He forbade his son to do like that.


Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:

Optative Sentence

( wish, bless, pray or curse are used as Reporting Speech.)

1. They said, ' God save the king.'

- They prayed that God might save the king.

2. She said to her son, ' May you prosper.'

- She wished that her son might prosper.

3. Mother said, ' May you be happy.'

- Mother wished that I might be happy.

4. He said, ' If I were dead.'

- He wished if he were dead.

5. The old woman  said,  'May you live long.'

- The old woman wished that I might live long.


Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:

Exclamatory Sentence

1. The girl said, 'What a beautiful flower it is!'

- The girl exclaimed in wonder that the flower was very beautiful.

2. He said, ' Good bye, my friends.'

- He bade his friends good bye.

3. The young lady said, 'Alas! my husband is no more.'

- The young lady exclaimed in sorrow that her husband was no more.

4. They said, ' Hurrah! we have won the game.'

- They exclaimed joyfully that they had won the game.

5. She said, ' Good morning, Reena. How are you?'

- She wished Reena good morning and asked her how she was.

6. 'You fool! why have you disturbed me for nothing?'he said to me.

- He disapproved of my act exclaiming why I had disturbed him for morning.

7. The captain said, ' Bravo! you have done well, my mates.'

- The captain applauded his mates saying that they had done well.

8. Ram said, ' How foolish I am!'

- Ram regretted that he was very foolish



Typical Sentences:

1. The student said to the teacher, ' May I come in , sir?'

- The student respectfully asked the teacher if he could go in.

2. The beggar said to him, ' A lot of thanks for the help.'

- The beggar thanked him for the help.

3. He said, ' Yes, I have mistaken.'

- He confessed that he had mistaken.


Simple Examples

1. The farmer said, ' I have lost my cow.'

- The farmer said that he had lost his cow.

2. You said, ' I am against the design .'

- You said that you were against the design.

3. I said, ' I did my duty well.'

- I said that I had done my duty well.

4. Bikrom said, ' Shyam will write a letter.'

- Bikrom said that Shyam would write a letter.

5. She said, ' I will make tea in no time.'

- She said that she would make in no time.

6. He said to me, ' You are late.'

- He told me that I was late.

7. Ram said to me, ' I am suffering from fever.'

- Ram told me that he was suffering from fever.

8. You said to her, ' I am awfully thirsty.'

- You told her that you were awfully thirsty.

9. He said to me, ' You have failed the test.'

- He told me that I had failed the test.

10. Shyamol said to me, ' I do not know where you live.'

- Shyamol told me that he did not know where I lived.


This is about Direct Speech and Indirect Speech Examples: Part-1

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