Correct Tense Examples

A Bright Line Of Correct Tense For Class xii.

My students, you are very curious about Correct Tense and so, I am very happy.

As your preparation for exam is going on in full swing, you have come to know the rules of Tense.

But, the examples will make you be clear more.

So, today I am going to show you the examples which will be sufficient for you for exam.

But, in the answer I will not write the whole sentence, I will write the verb only. You must write the whole sentence in exam.

Let's get started:

1. They-(wash) their hands for five minutes.

- have been washing.

2. Recently the price of oil-(go)up.

- has gone.

3. Reena-(read) a book when I met her.

- was reading.

4. I-(do) a lot of work to-day.

- shall have to do.

5. She -(cook) food for the guests since morning.

- has been cooking.

6. The match -(start) before we reached the pitch.

- had started.

7. The train-(leave) before we reached the station.

- had left.

8. The game -(start) before we reached the field.

- had started.

9. They-(walk)on the road-side now.

- are walking.

10. I wish I -(be) a bird.

- were.

11. I wish my sister-(be) here.


12. I-(go) to apply for the post.

- am going.

13. As Ratul-(cross) the road, a truck knocked him down.

- was crossing.

14. I-(think)of going abroad for quite sometimes.

- have been thinking.

15. Death-(come) to everyone sooner or later.

- comes.

16. This paper -(appear) twice a month.

- appears.

17. I would have helped, if I -(be) present.

- were.

18. When we went out,it still -(rain).

- was still raining.

19. She talks as she -(know) everything.

- knew.

20. My mother-(be)ill for a week.

- has been.

21. If I - be) a bird, I could fly.

- were.

22. My father -(wash) his hands, the mobile rang.

- was washing.

23. It is ten years since I -(see) him.

- saw.

24. She -(be) in Delhi since 2000.

- has been.

25. Which book you -(read) since morning.

- have you been reading.

26. They -(reach)there before it grew dark.

- had reached.

27.It-(rain) since noon.

- has been raining.

28. My brother-(come)here tomorrow.

-will come.

29. I wish I-(be) a queen.

- were.

30. I wish I- (accept) it.

- accepted.

31. He -(sleep) when I arrived.

- was sleeping.

32. We -(see)them a week ago.


33. If it -(rain), we shall not go to town.


34. He -(stay) here until you return.

- will stay.

35. She usually-(go) to bed at 9 p.m.

- goes.

36. He - die) an hour ago.

- died.

37. My son -(sleep), please don't disturb him.

- is sleeping.

38. Ritu already-(post) the letter.

- has already posted.

39. When I went to the teacher, he -(teach) the students.

- was teaching.

40. His mother-(die) before the doctor arrived.

- had died.

41. I -( work) in the garden when she came.

- was working.

42. If I -(be) you , I would not go there.

- were.

43. If you had gone there, you -(meet) my sister.

- would have met.

44. Rakesh-(do) on this project for last five years.

- has been doing.

45. She -(come) here every day.


46. Mr. Dutta-(leave) for London last Wednesday.

- left.

47. They-(go) to theatre to-night.

- are going.

48.He went out of the room after he -(lock) the door.

- had locked.

49. Raj behaved as though he -(be) mad.

- were.

50. Dutta-(do) this work for six months.

- has been doing.

51. Many people-(kill) in the second World War.

- were killed.

52. I-(know) the man for a long time.

- have known.

53. The light went off while I -(read) a book.

- was reading.

54. I-(write)a letter before he arrived here.

- had written.

55. I shall call you when he -(come) back.

- comes.

56. If I were not tired, I -(go) there with you.

- would have gone.

57. I-(have)my meal two hours ago.

- had.

58. Rani, you played with marbles, when you -(be) a little girl.

- were.

59. They just-(arrive) from Mumbai.

- have just arrived.

60. They-(wait)on the platform since 2 o'clock.

-have been waiting.

61. You ever -(be)to Delhi?

- Have you ever been to Delhi?

62. You ever -(read) the War and Peace?

- Have you ever read the War and Peace?

63. Ice-(float) on water.

- floats.

64. Wood always -(float).

- floats.

65. We already -(have) breakfast.

- have already had.

66. She -(talk) to me, when the baby began to cry.

- was talking.

67. He -(kill) in the last war.

- was killed.

68. He reached the station after the train -(leave)

- had left.

69. She -(be) in London since 1995.

- has been.

70. Listen to me, if you-(try) hard, you would have passed.

- had tried.

71. What you-(do) since morning?

- have you been doing.

72. If the baby is a boy, we - (go) to call him Banana.

- are going.

73. He -(fly) a kite now.

- is flying.

74. If you had tried hard, you -(succeed).

- would have succeeded

75. You -(wash) your hands before meal?

- Do you wash your hands before meal?

76. It was very cold, but the sun -(shine) now.

- is shining.

77. We -(not see) Raj for several months.

- have not.

78. The bus-(start) at 8 every morning.

- starts.

79. She usually-(go) to bed at 9 p.m.

- goes.

80. Perhaps, it -(rained) yesterday.


81. All the students and teachers-(leave) when I reached school.

- had left.

82. As soon as I arrived, the man -(leave)the place.


83.To hate the man -(be) the biggest crime.


84. To hate the poor -(be) a sin.

85. Please stop singing, I -(read) now.

-am reading.

86. He -(go) to England next week.

- will go.

87. If you don't hurry, you -(miss) the train.

- will miss.

88. He -(come) of a respected family.

- comes of.

89. The meeting-(hold) in the hall yesterday.

- was held.

90. Look at the clouds, it -(go) to rain.

- is going.

91. I knew that he -(come)the next day.

- would come.

92. Socrates was -(take) to prison.

- was taken.

93. Flour -(be) made from wheat.

- is made.

94. We -(be)proud of him.


95. There -(be) 40 students in the class.

- are.

96. If you _(neglect) your study, you will fail.

- neglect.

97. My brother-(come) home just now.

- has come.

98. Her husband-(not reach) yet.

- has not reached.

99. I-(read) this novel by month-end.

- shall have read.

100. We -(sell) the furniture by tomorrow.

- shall have sold.

101. I -(complete) the job by 2014.

- shall have completed.

Read and practise.

I am with you.

Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website.