Common Errors In English: Part-1

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Are you curious about your error in English?

Yes, you are. Because, you want to know more and more. You want to make a sentence in correct pattern.

So, on this fine day, I have taken this topic will give you the way to:

1. Know the Common Errors In English.

2. Write a sentence in correct pattern.

3. Speak well.

Let's get started:


Error in Number

1.  I know that bread and butter are a good food.

 -   I know that bread and butter is a good food.

2.  The horse and carriage are at the door.

-    The horse and carriage is at the door.

3.  Do you know that the great poet and singer are dead?

-    Do you know that the great poet and singer is dead?

4.  We know that each of them are honest.

-    We know that each of them is honest.

5.  Either of the two boys are good.

-    Either of the two boys is good.

6.  Neither of the two boys are honest.

-     Neither of the two boys is honest.

7.   Everybody should do their duty.

-     Everybody should do his or her duty.

8.   Don't think that sixteen miles are a short distance.

-     Don't think that sixteen miles is a short distance.

9.   Two hundred rupees are a small amount for me.

-     Two hundred rupees is a small amount for me.

10. The United States are a big country.

-     The United States is a big country.

11. You do know that much have been done for you.

-      You do know that much has been done for you.

12. Little have been done.

-     Little has been done.


Error in Verb:

1. I doesn't know how to swim.

-   I don't know how to swim.

2. He don't know how to make it.

-   He doesn't know how to make it.

3. We doesn't know how to use it.

-   We don't know how to use it.

4. This kind of apples are sour.

-   This kind of apples is sour.

5. There stands Tin and Ban.

-   There stand Tin and Ban.

6. Here come our mom.

-   Here comes our mom.

7. We loves him.

-   We love him.


Error in Noun:

1. We gave him many advices.

-   We gave him much advice.

2. These furnitures are very nice.

-   This furniture is very nice.

3. We know that the sceneries of Kashmir are very charming.

-   We know that the scenery of Kashmir is very charming.

4. You have read many poetries.

-   You have read many poems.

5.  Are the news of his death true?

-    Is the news of his death true?

6.  My hair are curly.

-    My hair is curly.

7.  There is ten white hair on my head.

-    There are ten white hairs on my head.

8.   Look, the cattle is grazing.

-     Look, the cattle are grazing.

9.   Don't think that Mathematics are a tough subject. Try hard.

-     Don't think that Mathematics is a tough subject. Try hard.

10. I have read two-third of the book.

-     I have read two-thirds of the book.

11. Fruits are served after the meal.

-     Fruit is served after the meal.

12. The doctor says, 'Green vegetable is good for health.'

-      The doctor says,'Green vegetables are good for health.'

13. He is one of the intelligent boy in the village.

-     He is one of the intelligent boys in the village.

14. We are leaving by 11.30 o'clock train.

-     We are leaving 11.30 train.

15. There is no place for you on this desk.

-     There is no room for you on this desk.

16. I bought a blotting and a copy.

-     I bought a blotting-paper and a copy-book.


Error in Pronoun:

1.   This book is my.

-    This book is mine.

2.   This is mine book.

-     This is my book.

3.   This is your.

-     This is yours.

4.   Yours loving son.

-     Your loving son.

5.   Your obediently.

-     Yours obediently.

6.   Never keep yourself away from school.

-     Never keep away from school.

8.   He feels himself unwell to-day.

-     He feels unwell to-day.

9.   I feel myself unwell.

-     I feel unwell.

10. Tell me who you want to meet.

-      Tell me whom you want to meet.

11. Tell me whom met you.

-      Tell me who met you.

12. Where is mine book?

-      Where is my book?

13. Your this shirt is very fine.

-      This shirt of yours is very fine.

14. One must do his duty.

-     One must do one's duty.

15. She is as good as him.

-      She is as good as he.

16.  He is taller than me.

-      He is taller than I.

17. Your pen is finer than my.

-      Your pen is finer than mine.

18. Let they try.

-     Let them try.

19. I like both you and he.

-     I like both you and him.

20. All men should love each other.

-     All men should love one another.

21. Jack and Jill love one another.

-     Jack and Jill love each other.

22. Each of the two girls is tall.

-     Either of the two girls is tall.

23. None of the two boys is tall.

-     Neither of the two boys is tall.


Error in Adjective:

1. This box is very big than that.

-   This box is bigger than that.

2. Kalidas is greater than all poets.

-   Kalidas is greater than any other poet.

3. Ram is tallest of the two.

-   Ram is wiser of the two.

4. He is more wiser than his sister.

-   He is much wiser than his sister.

5. He is my older brother.

-   He is my elder brother.

6. Speak more loudly.

-   Speak louder.

7. The man is enough rich to spend money.

-   The man is rich enough to spend money.

8. He is very high.

-   He is very tall.


Error in Determiner:

1.  He is a M.A.

-    He is an M.A.

2.  My sister is an B.A.

-    My sister is a B.A.

3.  He is a honest man.

-    He is an honest man.

4.  I have many money.

-    I have much money.

5.   Only a little boys were present there.

-     Only a few boys were present there.

6.   He purchased an uniform.

-     He purchased a uniform.

7.   He is an one-eyed man.

-     He is a one-eyed man.

8.   She has sound sleep.

-     She had a sound sleep.

9.   Cows are milch animals.

-     The cow is a milch animals.

10. Elephant is a big animal.

-     The elephant is a big animal.

11. Earth is round.

-     The earth is round.

12. Himalayas are the highest mountains.

-     The Himalayas are the highest mountains.

13. The Gujarat is in India.

-     Gujarat is in India.

14. The iron is a valuable metal.

-      Iron is a valuable metal.

15. The gold is a precious metal.

16. Iron of this bed is pure.

-     The iron of this bed is pure.

17. Gold of my ring is pure.

-      The gold of my ring is pure.

18. The beauty can't be made.

-     Beauty can't be made.

19. The English is the language of English.

-     English is the language of the English.

20. We have never seen a such man.

-     We have never seen such a man.

21. He spent all money he had.

-     He spent all the money he had.

22. The man is mortal.

-      Man is mortal.

23. What fool you are!

-     What a fool you are!

24. I caught him by his arm.

-     I caught him by the arm.

25. This is an umbrella I bought yesterday.

-     This is the umbrella I bought yesterday.

26. This is a book I wanted.

-    This is the book I wanted.

27. She is an unique lady.

-      She is a unique lady.

28. He reads an university.

-      He reads in a university.

This is about Common Errors In English.

Please read and practice.


An Ultimate Solution:

1. Make 10 sentences with the above cited patterns.

2. Use them while speaking.

3. Use them while talking.


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